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Saturday, October 30, 2010


Anyone who will be celebrating the event of All Hallows share with us here what you did to celebrate thei year. Eric and I went to a fun night at a friends place and then we hit the casinos/arcades. Fun was had by all.


I was requested to inform the readers here about the McElroy figures (dummys) fan page, and that there is a fan page on face book. So anyone who wants to know all there is to know about McElroy figures, they have it there for you, at least thats what I am told.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


1. Consider the age: A figure that's appealing, words and action appropriate.


3. Preschoolers: less dialogue, more action. Older: More dialogue, action & jokes

4. A quality presentation

5. Don't talk down to your audience no matter what age

6. Sound effects, magic, songs, story-telling, riddles, knock-knock & nursery
rhymes are all appropriate for kids and they love em

7. Lots of enthusiasm really put yourself into your show, give em 110%

8. Younger children like animals and birds. Older any animals and people

9. Softer appeals to younger & family Harder to older & family

10. Keeping those vent figures alive to holds the aud interest

11. Don't put figures in childrens' faces-they get scared easily, use a soft approach

12. Keep children at a safe distance from you & the figure for control, try to have
adult supervision available

13. Use figure for discipline and maintaining order-not you, the kids respond to
the figure more readily then you

14. Not necessary to answer every question from audience during show, figure responds
Always repeat the question asked from the aud. If you try to answer all of the
questions all you will be doing is Q&A.

15. React to the unexpected such as camera flash, outside noise, ringing of phone but
don't overdo it. Some of your funniest lines can come from these ad libs

16. Be prepared for your stage and sound system, stand in front of aud, kids sit on
floor or theatre seats. If outside, stand down wind of aud for best hearing
results. Avoid the aud standing behind you, this can not always be the case.

17. The vent is the master of his show-YOU are the boss, don't let anyone tell you
how to run YOUR show

18. Be dramatic in your presentation-You are not only a vent but an actor as well,
use your acting ability at all times

19. Don't be a bully to your figure, don't put your hand over the figure's mouth
while he is struggling to breathe or free himself. Don't hit, twist or toss the
figure. Don't forcefully remove or return figure to his case. When returning
figure to case let the figure request to go back as part of your dialogue.

20. Be original and creative. Be yourself in your opening & closing of show, many
new vents have trouble writing their own material, so they borrow, try to twist
it to make it your own...

21. Upon dismissing your aud be sure to replace your vent figure to its case or
preferred location

22. But most of all, leave the aud always wanting more. Better to have your show
too short than too long...

I hope that the above 22 suggestions work wonders for you & your kids performance. If there are any questions or comments feel free to leave them with me and I'll respond to them. Until then, FUN FUN FUN!!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tony Curtis meets the real spartacus

Tony Curtis leaves us a wonderful display of his work in Movies such as the above Mentioned Spartacus as Antoninus, Captain Newman MD as Jake, The Great Race as The Great Leslie, Sweet Smell Of Success with Burt Lancaster and of course his most memorable role in Some Like It Hot with Marilyn and Jack Lemmon and the great Joe E Brown 'Well we can't all be perfect'
Tony is now making those epic films in the sky...has passed away Wednesday Sept 29th Speaking for myself Tony you sure will be missed...
Why is Tony Curtis in a Vent/Magic/Clown/Storytelling Blog, its because of is starring role in The Great Houdini, one of the greatest magicians of all times.