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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Tri-Staters who grew up listening to "The Good Deeds Song" or watching puppets like Buster Bear, Monkey Shine and Ezmarelda lost a friend Tuesday night when former Evansville TV hostess Peggy Mitchell died. She was 73
Mitchell was the host of "The Peggy Mitchell Show" on WEHT-News 25 from 1961 to 1986.


June Foray was a "voice magician"! June's career began when she was 15, she had her own radio show Miss Makebelieve, and as they say the rest is yet to happen...1930-1960 she was the queen of the voice over, providing voices for cartoon as well as live animals. She along with Stan Freeberg,Pinto Colvig and the only other person to ever rival Mel Blanc Daws Butler recorded hundreds of records for children and adults..Disney caught hold of this and Hired June to do the voice of Lucifer in Cinderella. But at this time Warner Brothers also caught her and hired her as well. Her voice of Granny on the Tweety and Sylvester cartoon was her claim to fame. She also did other voices for WB but due to a clause in Blanc's contract she didn't get credit till later on. Well soon the voices of Natasha Fatale and Rocky were created.Hey let us not forget Fractured Fairytales and Aesops Fable's where she also provided many of the voices. Hey wasn't she also Betty Rubble, she ran a close second to another voice over favorite Bea Benederet. But Hanna Barbera, Rankin Bass, Walter Lantz, DePatie-Freleng have all made the voice of June's their own, No I take that back she was now one of our own, every american who enjoyed the cartoon, or for that matter anywhere that a voice over was required you would find June Foray. Thanks June for the wonderful fun.


'How do I become a clown? it takes tonstons of practice of learning, falls, joking make up, and having the clown heart. Does it sound odd, yes it does because it takes a special someone to be a clown, its not for everyone. Even if your funny it doesn't make you a clown. Sounds strange, I know! Not everyone that is funny can be a clown... it takes a special talent.
White Face Clown - Never show skin color, white all over the face, neck and hands. Clowns like Bozo and Ronald McDonald are white face clowns. These are generally the boss clowns, the clowns other clowns like to play tricks on.
Auguste Clown - Mix there skin color with their make up, very colorful costumes, they are generally the goofy style clowns, usually get in trouble, energetic and acrobatic and will be bossed around by the white faced clown.
Character Clowns - The most famous of all is Emmet Kelly, the hobo type clown, usually the sad sack, rarely smile,they don't speak. When a child smiles at them they are very happy.
The clown has been. around for 100's of years to make children of all ages laugh at their antics. To learn about clowning visit your local library or a circus, or just click onto your internet. You can find clowns at bazaars, street fairs, parades, childrens parties houses of worship, different organizations also have clowns, hospitals have clowns.
The best and number one way to become a clown is to go to clown school.. Wait a minute!! Clowns have to go to school? Yes folks they certainly do, not only schools but also conventions, and clown camp with 100;s of clowns in Wisc.,meet for a week. Lots of fun learniung things you never knew before. It sure is a lot of fun, and you get to learn stuff you never knew before, you get to meet and learn from other clowns. You learn things like, ballooning applying make up, costumes, wigs, magic, juggling, children's parties and a whole bunch of other things.
Another good place to learn is from books, that is how I started. When you learn as much as you can, find other clowns to learn from... you will soon find yourself clowning around all the time! Call up a local magic shop or clown supply store for books about clowning. Read magic books, balloon animal books, and joke books! If you are on the Internet, there are several good web sites that have magic books for sale.
Now clowning can be expensive, but does not have to be. Get good, quality make-up, it is not too expensive... but you want something better than halloween make-up. A clown wig is nice, but you don't have to wear one. A good hat is important if you don't wear a wig. Keep searching for hats... find one that feels right to you, one you can play with... you will know when you find the right one! Beautiful costumes are great, but cost money. If you are just starting out, find some colorful, silly or old clothes - maybe things that are too big. If you are a tramp clown, sew patches all over. If you can, make your own costume, or get someone to make one for you. My pants and vest are made, not store bought. Clown shoes really add to the fun... but they are expensive too. For beginners, get some inexpensive tennis shoes and use colorful fabric paints to cover them. You can use big shoes, just fill up the end of the toe so they don't fall off! You are now on your way to being a clown!
Next, build up a personality. Don't just be you with make up on... have a totally different person come out when the make up is in place! You can use a silly voice, but you don't have to. Learn to walk different, move your arms different, and make some funny faces. I think it helps to watch some classic comedians to learn how to make things funny without ever talking. Watch Laurel and Hardy, Charlie Chaplin, Abbott and Costello, Buster Keaton, Jerry Lewis... even Jim Carrey! Don't copy them, just watch how they use their faces and bodies to make things funny.
Now, after you get your character down pat, have decent make-up and costume, learn a few cool things (Magic, Juggling or Balloon Animals), and are ready to face the world... just go out and do it! Start with parades, do some special event appearances, or just entertain the family at the next reunion - but always get permission to appear at events or parades before-hand. After awhile, you will find a new person coming out in you that you never knew was there... and guess where he/she was hiding this whole time? Your heart!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Hello again my friends here at ventriloquially yours. Thank you for stopping in again to say hello, glad to have you here. Last night I sprawled out on my bed with my Maher books, Magazines articles pertaining to ventriloquism , a mirror a tape recorder, turned on my computer, entered the world of Youtube got into the many childrens ventriloquist routines by some of the greatest ventriloquists around the world and had the most exciting and relaxing 21/2 hours i've had in a long time. Got a few calls from some performers I know and we chewed the fat in regards to possible swine flu routines that we could include in our acts...there was some positive and some negativity in regards to that topic, what are your feeling regarding same? I also went into my Steve Taylor Humoring your dummy tape, had a few laughs, Paul Winchell brought back some fond memories, Jimmy Nelson and his N E S T L E S commercial, Ed Sullivan and TOPO Giggio, Velvel also on Sullivan who he called Solomon, Ventriloquism 101 by Lee Cornell a unique style
and Neller's DVD... All I can say is WOW what a wonderful time I gave myself.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Good Bye Vera-Maude-Dorothy Look out God here comes Mause Make Room

Bea Arthur has passed away last night Saturday 4/25/2009 You say what does she have to do with Vent/Magic/ect well my friends she has inspired many skits and has brought more magic to our eyes then many magicians have. I have been honored to have met her at an opening in 1968 for the movie and I am sad to hear of her passing....because she's gonna leave the world one sad place without her funny's...I remember the days of 'Mame' both Stage and film, and that of The day that america came to know her on 'All In The Family' as well as her very own spinoff on 'Maude' and how she almost single handedly helped the American Woman's Movement, having a key role, as if any of the four didn't have a key role on 'The Golden Girls'...Well Bea (Vera-Maude-Dorothy) 'God got you for that'...Good Bye my friend (she was a member of every american house hold)I will surely miss you and you as you will leave a hole in america's comedy... Glad I had that moment when we met 40 years ago. Look out God Make room for Maude.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009


hi my name is jon i'm 10 years old and i was wondering what is a typical life of a ventriloquist, if you can give some more info about ventrloquists

This was printed from AX's site with my responce.

April 22 2009, 7:06 PM
Jon If you are refurring to what age you must be before retiring from vent there is no age limit I remember a Vent who worked till he was over the age of 100 his name was senor wences. As long as your happy performing and as long as your material is fresh and new the audience will except you. Puppets don't have to cost you a lot of money either..I remember another vent when I was a little guy like you who wore a sock on her hand and made millions and millions of people all over the world laugh with wonderment. Try your school and see if your teacher will allow you to perform for your class who knows you might wind up being the next Peanut...ooops I mean Jeff Dunham. Remember there is no limitations on age some people pickup vent after they retire from another career and some pick up vent when they first learn to speak untill someone or something takes the attention away and then they come back to it years later in life like I did. But what ever you choose have fun with vent and keep a stiff lip. Ventriloquially Yours N J


Mr. Winchell became the lovable Tigger in 1968 for Disney's "Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day," which earned an Academy Award for best animated short film.
Winchell continued to voice A.A. Milne's imaginative little tiger on television and the big screen through "Winnie the Pooh: Seasons of Giving" in 1999. In recent years, Jim Cummings has voiced Tigger as well as Pooh.
Mr. Winchell earned a Grammy in 1974 for the best children's recording with "The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers" from the feature "Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too." In addition, he was nominated for an Annie award for the 1998 animated feature-length "Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin."
It was Mr. Winchell, crediting his British-born wife, who came up with Tigger's signature phrase: "TTFN" or "Ta-ta for now."
The entertainer also was heard as Gargamel in "The Smurfs"; as Dick Dastardly in Hanna Barbera cartoons, including "Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines"; and as Boomer in Disney's "The Fox and the Hound," among many others.
As a ventriloquist, Mr. Winchell became a fixture in early children's television along with his dummies Jerry Mahoney and Knucklehead Smiff.
Born Paul Wilchen in New York City on Dec. 21, 1922, he was a shy youth who stuttered. Fascinated with ventriloquist Edgar Bergen and his dummy pal, Charlie McCarthy, Mr. Winchell learned to throw his own voice and gradually overcame his speech impediments.
"Ventriloquism is closely related to magic," he told the Chicago Tribune in 1999. "It's all about misdirection. You practice speaking from your diaphragm and low in your throat. You substitute letters for 'B' and 'P' that allow you to speak without moving your lips."

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He debuted on NBC in 1947 with "The Paul Winchell-Jerry Mahoney Show," with a smart-mouthed puppet he had invented in his early teens.
He created the dim-witted Knucklehead Smiff in 1950 and introduced him on "The Spiedel Show," which quickly was renamed "What's My Name?"
He also hosted a string of children's shows through the 1950s and 1960s, and appeared on many variety shows, including Ed Sullivan's show and "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In."
He published a book, "Ventriloquism for Fun and Profit," in 1954.
As variety shows began losing their luster in the 1960s, Mr. Winchell segued into a new career voicing animated characters, beginning with various roles for the 1962 futuristic television series "The Jetsons."
He also was an inventor who held 30 patents, including one for an early artificial heart he built in 1963.
Mr. Winchell's other inventions were an early disposable razor, a flameless cigarette lighter, an invisible garter belt and an indicator to show when frozen food had gone bad after a power outage.
Mr. Winchell is survived by his wife of 31 years, the former Jean Freeman; five children; and three grandchildren.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I have performed there several times. Even before the casino.I'll be performing at the Meskwaki Settlement School and the Hotel Casino on the 11th of May in Tayma, Iowa.


Buddy Big Mountain

The there that Buddy is referring to is the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood Fl

Go out and see this wonderful Ventriloquist entertainer if you are in the Iowa area, your sure to have a fine time.


Monday, April 20, 2009


Jeff Dunham on David Letterman this Monday Night!
The little guys and I are going to be guests on "The Late Show with David Letterman" this Monday, April 20th @ 11:30pm / 10:30pm C on CBS. Check for local listings!
1) Peanut and I are going to be guests on The Late Show with David Letterman TONIGHT,Monday, April 20th @ 11:30pm / 10:30pm c on CBS. Check for local listings!We just got back from our European Tour and we'll be performing all across North America the rest of the year. Visit my Tour Page and get your tickets for a show near you!
Warmest Regards,Jeff Dunham and all the Guys in the Trunk(Even Achmed)
This was sent to Mariann Martin through World Vents


At 6 years old, the first book Steve took from the library inspired him to become a magician.
By age 14, his parents regularly chaffeured him around his hometown to entertain at kids' birthdays and fulfill his dream. Following high school, he paid his way through college entertaining children and family audiences with magic, ventriloquism and balloon sculpting.
A few years later, he appeared in the December 1993 issue of Smithsonian magazine with his most popular ventriloquist character Darryl the Dinosaur. In the late 1990's, Steve was flattered when he was invited to perform at the White House where he entertained for thousands of children and their families. Now happily married for more than a decade with two children of his own who put up with his silliness daily, Steve still hasn't grown up. With thousands of shows to his credit, he continues living those early dreams he had as a child -- of entertaining and inspiring children with magic and ventriloquism! If you see any one magician ventriloquist while in the New England area be sure its this adult kids'll be glad you did.
RI magician and ventriloquist Steve Zany is one of the only performers of his kind in New England.

RI magician and ventriloquist Steve Zany is one of the only performers of his kind in New England.
He is a wacky family entertainer who will keep your kids of all ages (and parents too), amazed, laughing and clapping for more.

You'll find Steve Zany is energetic, spontaneous and talented. He knows how to thrill and excite the people at your next family gathering because he is keenly sensitive to the dynamics of each audience and exceeding your expectations.
Steve will bring his fast-paced, cutting-edge show right to you and fill your event with hilarious magic, lively ventriloquist characters and surprises.
Birds of a feather flock together. RI magician ventriloquist Steve Zany & goofy bird Berkeley.
Steve can also mix in colorful balloon animal making at your function.
One thing's for sure...Each performance by RI magician and ventriloquist Steve Zany is a new and unique creation and you never know what's going to happen next. And, he will work with you to make your kids function something everyone will talk about.

He will keep kids of all ages and I do mean all ages from 2 to 102 laughing and begging for more. He is so energetic and spontaneous with so much talent it pours off of him, like water from a waterfall. He will wow you at your kids parties, he knows his audience and believe me he will surpass your wildest expectations. He gives you Magic- he gives you Ventriloquism and balloon animals which the kids go wild over. His goofy characters are sure to make the kids in all of us jump for joy and beg for more, please.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


David Copperfield, Siegfried & Roy, Penn & Teller, Blackstone, Doug Henning, Criss Angel, SHIMADA, Andre Kele, Channing Pollock, Silvan, Tibary, Paul Daniels, Tom Soni & Co., Sorcar, Jeff McBride, Jo Labero, Franz Harary, Kirby van Burch, Juliana Chen, Peter Marvay, Jorgos, Nathan Burton, Louise deMatos, Jerry McCambridge
Don WayneKevin JamesJoseph GabrielBrett Daniels Darren Romeo James DimmareGary DarwinSteve Wyrick RoccoJeff McBride Lennart GreenPeter ReveenBernie Yuman John GaughnHarry Lorayne Gregory GleasonChip LowellSteve Dacri The HamnersThe Majestix Nathan Burton Gerry McCambridge Keith Barry
Marshall BrodienStan AllenWilliam MacIlhany Joe StevensDavid MendozaSimon LovellBill MaloneKozakCharles ReynoldsStephen ZadrickGary OuelletGay BlackstoneGreg FrewinMelinda SaxeRene LavandMahka TendoThe Ferco Brothers MurrayJoaquin Ayala Paul Osborne Jason Byrne Sonny Fontana Kirby VanBurchScarlett
Jay MarshallKenneth Feld Juan MayoralHa Sung ChungTony ClarkDevlinTom Mullica Tony SpinaMichael V. LewisBrett LeonardDavid & DaniaJadeEric Buss Terry Evanswood Jim Barber Jan Rouven Christian FarlaKen Klosterman Rob Lake John Taylor Bambi VanBurch JorgosStoil & Ekaterina


Hey everyone thank you for your input on the selection of vent for 2009 but you have four entrys for other...but never said who the others are, please let me know. Thank you.


How many of you remember the many ventriloquists that entertained us as contestants for the various pageants like Miss America, Miss USA, Miss World, Miss universe, ect...... And how many can remember the various ventriloquist that appeared on the many telethons like MDA, Cerebral Palsy, and the many other telethons... Last but certainly not least when the Variety show was king on TV it was like Vaudeville all over again and many of the great ventriloquists from that era appeared on shows like Hollywood Palace, The Ed Sullivan Show,Dean Martin show, Ted Macks origional Amatuer Hour, the Colgate Comedy Hour, shows... The many Talk shows like Mike Douglas, Merv Griffin, Joe Franklin, Phil Donahue, all the local and regional variety and talk shows as well as all the more popular national shows, now who were the vents who appeared on these shows..... I think this is enough to rock your brains for some time hope we come up with some forgotten vents as well....
If there is a Hall of Fame for Ventriloquists... or if not, in your judgement who should have made it from each year and who should have been the vent of the decades from 1900's to present.... Lets see what we can come up with. Have fun enjoy the search as well as I am and lets see us name as many vents in each catagory as possible.


Want to view a great oldie from 1950 sung by the andrew sisters and a great idea for any newbie vent or seasoned vent. Go to youtube listed on this blog and type in jonny fadora and alice blue bonnet and watch the magic happen.


Friday past was Senor Wences birthday. I will always remember him for his many great talents Of the head in the Box,a face drawing on his hand and the little girl, I purposely left out their names, doi you remember them. Mr. Wences was one of the last great ventriloquistsof his era.

Jeff Dunham really excited his audiences in Europe these past two weeks, you think Walter, Peanut and the rest of the gang might have a new show because of this trip....I do.

Terry Fator is stealing the entertainment section of the Los Angeles Times with full page ads and the noted M magazine also has a full page ad, think he might be doing something right?

I had just witnessed one of the greatest magicians that has ever been seen, or for that matter not seen anywhere...Dick Cavett had the rights to the taped video of his show from 1978, he astounded the magicians who were in his audience as well as the viewing audience, which certainly included me. Hey in a time of a depressed economy he would be welcome with his magic by take a cigerette breaking it in half and making two cigarettes by stretching the 2 broken halves and making 2 whole cigerettes from it. He tied 2 silks together and they mysteriously became untied, he had someone from the aud tie the silk in 3 knots and again they mysteriously came apart. His trick of taking 6 silver dollars layed out on the table in full view of all picking up 3 in each hand while still in full view and they all would up in one hand, He did his famous helicopter card trick and the funny disappearing balls of paper... you have to see it to enjoy it as well as I did. go to 'conjuring Slydini' on the NY Times site by Dick Cavett. You'll enjoy the magic of this man once again.

Friday, April 17, 2009


I don't know how many of you knew him, but I just received word that my friend and fellowvent Jimmy Wallis passed away Monday April 13, 2009. Jimmy's long career began in thelate 50's. His partner Wally will stay with me for a while and eventually will go to Vent Haven.Rest in peace Jimmy !

I must say due to my age and memory I do remember Jimmy but just barely. If anyone has a better memory then me and remembers more about him please send me a comment and i will be honored to post it here with the entry. Bring a smile to the angels Jimmy!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Jeff Dunham: More than a prop comedian
By Mark de la Viña
for the Mercury News
Posted: 04/16/2009 12:00:00 AM PDT
Updated: 04/16/2009 05:53:40 AM PDT
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It's easy, even tempting, to dismiss Jeff Dunham, the ventriloquist whose coterie of compact companions have helped him rise to the top of comedic ranks.
With the assistance of Achmed the Dead Terrorist or the perennially cranky retiree Walter, Dunham, 46, has become perhaps the most popular funnyman in America — all of which leads critics to suggest he's little more than a gimmick, a prop comic who relies on a suitcase full of cutesy puppets to do his comedic bidding.
Try telling that to the fans who are packing arenas — including the HP Pavilion where Dunham performs Saturday — instead of the comedy clubs that many of his dismissive performance peers frequent. Or his devoted followers who
have viewed his "Achmed the Dead Terrorist" video on YouTube ( more than 86 million times, making it the site's seventh most watched clip of all time.
"Even though people looked down on me — other comics looked down on me — and I was kind of chastised for being a 'prop' comic, I looked at it as an advantage because I could carry on dialogue, rather than monologue," Dunham says via e-mail. "It was a secret weapon."
His own personal neutron bomb has vaulted Dunham to the ranks of Chris Rock, Dane Cook and Larry the Cable Guy — comedians who have become too popular for the confines of comedy clubs the size of the San Jose Improv or the Punch Line in San Francisco.
Dunham's ascent is a recent one, but like many comedians, it's the result of plugging away for some two decades in comedy trenches. This is a guy who performed on "The Tonight Show" in 1990 back when Johnny Carson was still hosting, a diligent trouper who year after year steadfastly played the comedy-club circuit. He headlined at the Improv as recently as December 2007.
All that began to change in 2006 when Comedy Central aired "Arguing With Myself," his first hourlong Comedy Central special that spawned the hit DVD of the same name.
His next two concert DVDs scored big in 2007 and 2008, building up his fan base and moving him from performing in theater-size venues to arenas.
His 2008 Comedy Central special "Jeff Dunham's Very Special Christmas Special" drew 6.6 million viewers. By the end of the year, he had supplanted Cook as the highest-grossing comedian in the United States by earning $19.2 million on the road, according to the concert-industry trackers Pollstar.
"It is great fun right now," Dunham says. "It's been over 20 years on the road, and the last two have been the payoff."
While his persistence in the field and exposure on the cable network lifted him to his current level, his puppets have given Dunham an advantage over comics who stand onstage with but a microphone stand. (Dunham opens his shows with a monologue filled with more standard stand-up fare.)
Achmed, a bug-eyed skeleton who delivers the catchphrase "Silence! I kill you!" in a Middle Eastern accent, or Walter, the senior with the personality of a canker sore, play the jokesters to Dunham's straight man.
"People listen more closely, and there could be conflict, just like in a sitcom," Dunham says.
"The one thing I pride myself on is I'm trying to put a fresh patina on an old, tired and sad art and make it hip and fun again."
But his puppets, such as his "manager" Sweet Daddy D, nudge the boundaries. "I'm what you call a player in the management profession — P.I.M.P.!" Sweet Daddy says. "That makes you the ho."
As a result, the puppets are not without controversy.
Achmed helped land Dunham a cell phone ring tone commercial in South Africa. But that country's Advertising Standards Authority pulled the ad after deeming it offensive to Muslims. Dunham at the time said he targets "whites, blacks, Hispanics, Christians, Jews, Muslims, gays, straights, rednecks, addicts, the elderly and my wife" and that his "job is to make the majority of people laugh. I believe that comedy is the last true form of free speech."
"I try and make fun of myself more than anyone," he says, "and I believe that we should all be able to laugh at ourselves."
Though the puppets might allow Dunham at times to go down the un-P.C. rabbit hole, Dunham doesn't lose sight of who is watching each other's back.
"It's easy to get lost behind the doll," he says. "People pay attention to the dummy and forget who you are and that you're even there. I do my own stand-up and that's fun, but if somebody said you need to do straight stand-up comedy and you can't use the dummy anymore, I would give up and go into real estate."
Jeff Dunham
When: 8 p.m. SaturdayWhere: HP Pavilion, 525 W. Santa Clara St., San Jose


As I stumble through this life,

help me to create more laughter than tears,

dispense more cheer than gloom,

spread more cheer than despair.

Never let me become so indifferent,

that I will fail to see the wonders in the eyes of a child,

or the twinkle in the eyes of the aged.

Never let me forget that my total effort is to cheer people,

make them happy, and forget momentarily,

All of the unpleasantness in their lives.

And in my final moment, may I hear You whisper:

When you made My people smile, you made me smile."

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I am sorry to hear you may of been offended. As I perform putdown humor,I have the intention to release the tension we have as Americans on issues of race ,gender etc. Not really to offend. If I do offend that means I am not being empathetic to the audience.

In reference to doing the putdown on you...nothing personal its just comedy. If I have offended you I sorry you feel that way. :-) You seemed to have a great sense of humor.

In addition I read you wanted to say hi backstage. The agent did ask me if I knew you and I said I had not,but I would have been more than happy to say HII. I am a easy person to approach. I had flown in and out of Florida three times that week with a cold and I think the agent was trying to be kind. I was not aware you tried to say Hi.

However feel free to give me your phone # and Ill call you and we can catch up verbally. Ill be happy to answer any questions you have about Vent and shows etc

First let me inform you that I wanted to meet you to discuss vent, but I was turned away for whatever reason. I don't take it to heart. I hold nothing against you or your routine, I have witnessed your routine before and consider you the Don Rickles of Ventriloquism, so expected your slight of lip routine. Yet there were some who you picked on here who found you disturbing...must admit, but remember that all is in the name of fun and I am witness to it. Hope your Holiday was nice and If you are in Kentucky in July I would be looking forward to meeting you at that time. I would also like to do a spot on my Blog with you along with some pictures a business card and a history Bio.If you can find the time to send this request it would be-
mailed to me at
Ventriloquially Yours

In reference to some people find the material disturbing. I t find it disturbing that people don't see the humor in it, A ranting dummy making of fun of stereotypes only brings to light what we are sensitive about. I could write volumes about this but don't have the time
I did write a few pages of info in this in one if the Vent blogs.
.I am surprised that people are sensitive to the point where they can be offended in 2009. But that's what males the world go round I suppose. I always consider what I do to be roasting and not burning..But with that kind of humor its not 100%

Thanks Jpz

Monday, April 13, 2009


One of the most creative minds in the world of magic. Beginning his career as Rebo the Clown on The Magic World of Allakazam on CBS-TV and has moved on to the state fairs in just about every state and a 16 year run is Disneys Diamond Horseshoe Review. He has performed from Vegas in the west to Atlantic City in the east. Bev has performed on every major tv Network ABC,CBS and NBC. He has traveled the globe many times over in places such as Australia. He served as president of the Int'l Brotherhood of Magicians, he has been honored many times one of them being the Magic Collectors Association, a lifetime Achievement Award given at the Castle by the Academy of Magic Arts and Sciences, for his long service to the world of magic in Hollywood Calif. Not only was he the funny clown on the Allakazam Program but he was also the He began performing at the ripe old age of 14 touring with Willard The Wizard as well as Silkini's Spook Show, he soon had his own spook show at 18, so he has only been on the road 4 years at this time. While attending the University of Texas he performed in a few shows along with the likes of Fess Parker, later to become Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone for Disney, L. Q Lewis, The Blond Bombshell of her era Jayne Mansfield, comedian Rip Torn, the authors of the longest running broadway show Fantasticks Jones and Schmidt. Soon joining the Air Force he continued performing and won the 1954 World Wide Talent Contest. He soon worked with producer Mark Wilson producing 100s of tv shows and appearing together in as many state fairs. His appearances with the top names in comedy came fast and furious with the likes of Lucille Ball, Red Skelton, Johnny Carson, Merv Griffin, Joey Biship, Bob Hope, Julie Andrews, Carol Burnett, Roy Rogers and Dale Evens, Andy Williams, Steve Allen, Julius La Rosa, Perry Como, Art Linkletter,Jerry Van Dyke. More convention shows then can be counted I'll bet over a thousand.

He has appeared in the top stages in the country as well as around the world. USO toursin the Far East.

He has written Willard the Wizard the Smithsonian Institute has used this book for research of the American Tent Theater. And if you think this is the end of what he has achieved , wrong my magical comrads, he has been in hundreds of TV shows and commercials, stage shows and theme park shows and events, where has he found all the time, if you want to be a hall of famer my friends this is what you must strive for and achieve. His magic tricks are used my many of todays magicians around the world. Balloon animals were also some of his favorites/S.A.M HOF

Is he done yet not on your life he is performing at Sea World 5 shows a day and he is in his 4th year, he still has much more to show us, so sit tight and get on the bumpy ride its a thriller.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


From the people here at Ventriloquially Yours to our readers all around the world we wish you the healthiest and best of the Easter/Passover season. We also want to thank you for your continued readership as well as your calls and comments, even though most of them wished to be kept private. We look forward to any stories you wish to add to our pages as well as any pictures you wish to include. Again HAPPY EAST HAPPY PASSOVER to all.


Remember these rates are subject to change according to your area of USA, your travel and hotel/motel expenses, your country other then USA and the economical situations. Your rates change according to venue and length of performance, as well as how many multiple shows you can book, many multiple deserve a $50-$75 discount, if you can prepapre for such a savings on the part of the client, do so-B'days-family gatherings-groups-corporate parties-church socials-day care-school assemblies.
You can get many more jobs from one honest well delivered within your limitation, if your performance is received well, so churches should be done on an honorarium basis, but besure to have them pay your lodging and travel. Remember it is better to under promise a performance, and give them the best you have in your range, you will be found out as soon as you 'don't open your mouth'. Then to over promise and not be able to deliver, that could be the last time you see that venue, as well as lose the others that could have come from it.
When Libraries, schools and any other venue has a showcase, you should get a table, hand out brochures, bring your vent figures, even give short presentation, demonstration for future possible shows.
When looking for a gig in your school be sure to speak with the person in the school who does the hiring to inquire as to what is the main topic of interest in the school and add to your performance something pertaining to that topic.
Your website should include the folowing items, a business card should also be included on that site-
A Very High Quality Photo of both yourself and your characters, if there are many a discription of what each character does as the name of the files, video if you have, a detailed discription of your show, such as bullying, cooperation, friendship, ect. The age range of each show and the age range for mixed shows, audience participation and what is required of both the participant and the adult in charge, charges including travel expenses and rates per show.

Some Ideas of rates to charge B'days 45-60 mins. $150.-$225. Libraries$150-$300.
School assemblies $175.-$550. Day care #150.$200 Remember prices depends on single type of entertainment, if you include other venues such as singing, magic or ballooning you should charge for that as well seperately,the region of country and distance of travel, accomendations. These are just examples
Advertising generally cost what a single performance would earn but it would generate multiple performances, so don't be afraid to put your earnings to work for you. Try to include a novelty item as well about 5 min. Be sure that when using a novelty item the gag must be very funny, not just mediocre funny and it should fit you. When doing a B'day party have party favors, especially for the B'day person.

LIBRARIES GRAND OPENINGS MALLS REUNIONS CORPORATE PARTIES TRADE SHOWS CLUBS and the list is endless be sure to send to each of them a business card of introduction and directions to your website.

From your salary as a performer you should set aside monies for the following 10% to retirement 8% to social security 10% to health insurance 2% for fuel and what remains should be used for actual usable money, some people call it living expenses, if thats what you call living.

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Registrations are rolling in on an almost daily basis, but Mark Wade, Executive Director, wants to remind would-be attendees to get their registrations in NOW to avoid the upcoming rise in the registration fee. "Our cutoff point for the current registration fee is May 15th. After that time the registration jumps up another $20.00 per person. Also the deadline will be approaching on getting a room at the Drawbridge Inn at our special ConVENTion rate, so now is the time to act!" stated the Executive Director. The Vent Haven ConVENTion is the world's oldest and largest convention devoted entirely to ventriloquism. Every year over 400 vents from around the world desend on Ft. Mitchell, KY , "The Mecca of Ventriloquism" , to see the world's best professionals lecture and perform. Such top names as Jeff Dunham and Jay Johnson will be attending this year to show their support and to help the next generations of ventriloquists be their best. Register NOW to join in on the fun and learning! Download the complete schedule and registration form online at www.venthaven. com or call 614-551-9587 and leave you mailing information. A brochure will be sent to you immediately.


April 7 2009,
Hello NJ, I'm doing just fine...thanks. I recently became a "Hall of Fame" was given to me by "Talentadong Pinoy" the Philippine version of AGT. The only difference is that a contestant is given 90 seconds only and a maximum of only 5 times to win. If you win 5 times (5 weeks) then you become a "Hall of Famer." In the shows 3 seasons, only two have won 5 straight weeks...the first was a family of acrobats called Far East Acrobats. My fourth week featured the Axtell ostrich and parrot I also managed to get a spot in a weekly Kiddie TV show called "Kiddie Kwela." Plus...a twice a week appearance in TEN, an evening newscast with my figure Don Dominador (Payes) appearing as a political analyst and I would be his security ala secret service Our pilot episode will be aired live this Tuesday (Apr 13) Thanks be to God for all His unspeakable gifts... Luke 17:10 So likewise ye, when ye shall have done all those things which are commanded you, say, We are unprofitable servants: we have done that which was our duty to do. Thank you very much for your kind gesture...I hope you and your family are doing fine as well.
Sincerely, Wanlu
P.S. My youngest son is now 8 months old while my grandson is now 1 month old

Saturday, April 4, 2009


National Humor Month was founded in 1976 by best-selling humorist Larry Wilde, Director of The Carmel Institute of Humor. It is designed to heighten public awareness on how the joy and therapeutic value of laughter can improve health, boost morale, increase communication skills and enrich the quality of one's life."Since April is often bleak and grim and taxes are due on the 15th, it can be one of the most stressful times of the year," says Wilde, author of 53 books on the subject of humor. Make sure you go to your local libraries and select a few of his books, I'm sure you'll have a few haha's "Besides," adds Wilde, "it's the only month that begins with All Fool's Day -- a day which has sanctioned frivolity and pranks ever since the 1500's."The idea of laughing and the use of humor as a tool to lift ailing spirits is growing. Scientific research now indicates that the curative power of laughter and its ability to relieve debilitating stress and burnout may indeed be one of the great medical discoveries of our times.Go see a funny movie, a comedy club has a seat for you and a puppet man will make a dummy out of you. Happy Humor Month


Magicians having really influenced me … Bert Allerton, Michael Ammar, Arturo Ascanio, Al Baker, Ron Bauer, David Berglas, John Bannon, Larry Becker, Horace Bennett, Roy Benson, Sam Berland, Ross Bertram, Pete Biro, Harry Blackstone Sr. and Jr., Gaetan Bloom, Jean Baptiste Bobo, Marion Boykin, Ken Brook, Derren Brown, Jason Bryne, Dan and Dave Buck, Jimmy Buffaloe, Geoffrey Buckingham, Eugene Burger, Burtini, Lance Burton, John Carney, Rémi Ceillier, Bruce Cervon, Jack Chanin, Michael Close, Carl Cloutier, Aldo Colombini, David Copperfield, Senator Crandall, Paul Curry, Paul Daniels, Dill Dean, Henry Dean, Jose De La Torre, Marc DeSouza, David Devant, De'vo, Paul Diamond, Derek Dingle, Jules Dhotel, Nelson Downs, Doc Eason, Duperrey, Duratty, Bruce Elliott, Alex Elmsley, Steve Fearson, Christian Fechner, Tim Feher, Dariel Fitzkee, Dan Fleshmann , Karl Fulves, Mike Gallo, Lou Gallo, Frank Garcia , Martin Gardner, Dan Garrett, Norman Gilbreath, Albert Goshman, U. F. Grant, Paul Green, Kent Gunn, Nelson C Hahne, Doug Henning, Kainoa Harbottle, Paul Harris, Whit Haydn, John Northern Hilliard, Professor Hoffmann (Angelo Lewis), Johan Nepomuk Hofzinser, Troy Hooser, Samuel Leo Horowitz, Harry Houdini, Jean Hugard, Laurie L Ireland, Kevin James, Ricky Jay, Larry Jennings, Eddie Joseph, Curtis Kam, George Kaplan, Fred Kaps, Tony Kardyro, Richard Kaufman, Chris Kenner, Kenton Knepper, Bob Kohler, Danny Korem, Milton Kort, Gary Kurz, René Lavand, Al Leech, James Lewis, Charles Lang Neil, Nate Leipzig, L'Homme Masqué, Harry Lorayne, Jeff McBride, Reed McClintock, Brian McCarthy, Max Malini, Vinni Marini, Edward Marlo, Daryl Martinez, Jay Marshall, Eric Mason, Max Mavern, John Mendoza, Jerry Mentzer, Jean Merlin, Charlie Miller, Jack Miller, Silent [Louis McCord] Mora, Tom Mullica, Henning Nelms, Nabil, Craig Petty, Shoot Ogawa, Darwin Ortiz, Tom Osborne, Bob Ostin, Gary Ouellet, Okito [Theo Bamberg], Patrick Page, Johnny Paul, Penn and Teller, Channing Pollock, Jean-Nicholas Ponsin, Georges Proust, John Ramsay, Bob Read, David Regal, Harry Riser, Harold Rice, Daniel Rhod, Joe Rindfleisch, Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin, Fred Robinson, Mike Rogers, Richard Ross, David Roth, Michael Rubinstein, Edwin Sachs, Toyosane Sanada, George P. Sanderson, Jay Sankey, Jean Jacques Sanvert, Al Schneider, Tom Sellers, John Shryock, Michael Skinner, Rocco Silano, Siegfred and Roy, Tony Slydini, Bill Simon, Ellis Stanyon, Joe Stevens, David Stone, Sol Stone, Paul Swinford, Juan Tamariz, Shigeo Takagi , Harlan Tarbell, Bill Tarr, Franklin Taylor, Garrett Thomas, J. G. Thompson Jr, Johnny Thomson, Dan Tong, Jonathan Townsend, Jon Tremaine, Nick Trost, Stephen Tucker, Dai Vernon, Edward Victor, Peter Warlock, Dan Watkins, Ken Weber, Michael Weber, David Williamson, Gregory Wilson,Mark Wilson, R Paul Wilson, Tommy Wonder , Scott York, Herb Zarrow, William Zavis.


Tony Slydini The Master of Misdirection (1901-1991) Born: Quintino Marucci, Palermo, Italy. Tony was attracted to the psychological elements of the art, which later became precise and expert misdirection. The Audience fueled his desire to become a close up artist.
While Tony was still young the family moved from Italy to Argentina, and Tony got more serious with his craft.
Slydini worked in South America's Vaudeville houses, the depression hit and work became scarce for him. New York City became his home in the 1930s but work was still scarce, but soon he did find work in a museum on 42nd street, carnivals and sideshows. He soon found an agent who got him work for $15. a day 3 days a week, while showing his skills another agent saw him and this went on for 7 years, but soon he was recalled back to NYC In 1945, he landed some work in New Orleans, At that time, in New Orleans, there was a magic convention that Slydini used to show his own special brand of magic. Slydini was different and they loved it. It was the magic of close up and no one knew what it was. not even his peers had a foothold on it yet.His audiences gave him 20 minute ovations.
Close up magic had already been around for centuries all slydini did was brought it to the masses attention, it was his style that had never been seen before. He was one of the first magicains to show close up as an art not as a lead into or bigger and grander illusions.
Magic was more then just a bag of tricks "You have to know all the details. Something is happening all the time. You have to understand every moment. You have to hold people, how to entertain them. You must be aware of the commonsense of things, the movements of the body, where to look and how to sit or stand."
A man of continental charm, sharp wit, undeniable skill and subtlety, Slydini delighted in performing, whether for laypersons or magicians. Bringing precision, grace, and intelligence to the table, Slydini could baffle them all as well as he entertained.


I had received word today through world vents that Steve Axtell's animatronics engineer Ron had a heart attack last night. Currently he is in intensive care with 100% blockage...Please keep him in your prayers as well as his family for a speedy recovery.

Friday, April 3, 2009


Hey you guys here's another fine vent in the area of nebraska that should be given a look see, if you haven't seen him before it sure would be to your benefit to do so.

A fine ventriloquist and entertainer who is well respected around the country. he runs a His cast of characters include, Dewey Weston,( the typical bratty type but loveable) Monk Eeeh A singing monkey froim the jungles and then there is Riley the Dog. He adds magic and music to give his show family value.

Vern began his ventriloquism while a cub scout, he also learned his craft from the Maher School of Ventriloquism as a graduate. Vern's former vocations were in broadcasting and education which he combines to bring you an extrodinary show. All his shows educate, inform and entertain. Vern is a member of the North Association of Ventriloquists, the International Ventriloquists Association (IVA) and has conducted workshops at IVA sponsored international ventriloquist conventions. Be sure to look for him when ever you see him listed on a venue.


Dear N Jay, the Live Music Show Capital of the World has been bustling this year with a busier than average Spring Break season. Families from all over the country took advantage of their children's week off from school to travel to Branson for fun, fun, fun. Our theater was blessed with several "sold out" performances in March and April promises more fun to come with several outstanding community events that you should know about.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Skill and determination

gotta be a funny guy

you need a ventriloquist figure

your coordination must be good

being able to study all aspects of human nature (be a copycat)
You will be constantly critiqued, be able to handle it.

Keep your day time job, because only a few of us make a living at it.

Have a memorable character

be able to take the blunt of the jokes you are the figures straight man

Get to know others in the vent world -join clubs go to conventions

use the internet to learn

Purchase courses from the better Vents

Daily Practice

Be available to donate your time at the beginning

Learn near and distant ventriloquism, but don't be in a hurry

There are two kinds of ventriloquism, near and distant. The near ventriloquist works with a wooden puppet, or "dummy," creating a separate voice that is muffled so as to appear to proceed from the figure. He tries to move his lips as little as possible. The voice seems to follow the dummy's head movements as a result of skilful voice control. The illusion is completed as the dummy's lip movements coincide with what would otherwise have been the lip movement of the ventriloquist.Distant ventriloquism, the more difficult of the two kinds, is used for creating voices quite distant from the speaker. To achieve this effect, the ventriloquist does not permit the normal current of air to pass through the whole of the opening that separates his vocal chords. Instead, the rear two-thirds of this opening is closed firmly so that air only passes through the anterior, more narrow part of the opening. This produces an effect similar to a band playing on a parade field. Spectators see the band at one end of the field but hear the sound coming from the other end.In both near and distant ventriloquism, lip movement is minimized through skilful substitution of different sounds for the more difficult letters. For example, an "eng" sound may be substituted for words containing the letter "m," or the "vhee" sound substituted for the letter "p."
The Art of Speaking
Ventriloquism is the art of speaking in such a way that the projected sound seems to originate elsewhere, usually a hand-manipulated puppet.The skill, which dates back to ancient religious rites, involves modifying one's voice through slow exhalation while speaking, minimizing the movement of the tongue and lips, and maintaining an impassive facial expression so as to focus observers' attention on the illusory source of the sound.Lip moving consonants are avoided or slurred. Where a lap-held dummy is used for a seeming conversation, the ventriloquist must alternate between his artificial, or thrown, voice and his normal voice.In the United States ventriloquists were highly popular in vaudeville acts and are still seen on variety and children's shows on television.
Psychology of Ventriloquism
Talented ventriloquists almost appear to "split their minds" as they carry on a dialogue with their other voices. This division of personality is perfectly illustrated when Edgar Bergen had his most famous "dummy," Charlie McCarthy, say, "I know what to say by reading Bergen's lips." Not only did Bergen project himself as the "dummy" but, through Charlie, he mocked his own limitations in minimizing his lip movements!The most common personality split between ventriloquists and their "familiar spirit" occurs when the figure represents the "id," or childlike side of the entertainer's personality, while the ventriloquist assumes the "super ego," or authoritative side. Total separation of personalities seems to occur and the ventriloquial illusion is heightened.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


1-PRACTICE every day-in front of a mirror-work on your lip control-manipulation-memorizing your lines-being comfortable with your figure-bring your vent friend wherever you feel good and happy with him, in a car, in your bedrooon privately,a family gathering, in front of the TV. If you wish to work without the use of your friend (vent figure) then try singing to your favorite songs with out the use of your lips.

2. Try not to copy someone else's work, even though copying is a form of flattery, each ventriloquist must be different, or soon it would get boring, a vent is just like anyone else. What is good for you? What do you feel right with? Talk to people, what makes you do the the things you do? What makes you, you? Do you like animal figures, what type, do you like?What about people figures, should they be silly looking or regular, and should they be hard figures made of wood or soft figures made from synthetics and clothe?...Each has its own advantage.
Begin practicing without letting anyone discourage you, (talk you out of it). If you have no figure as yet you can use a sock or just your hand. Now that you have gotten your friend you need to build a world for him his background, sit and talk with your friend, ask him questions such as where were you born, how old are you ? Do you have any brothers or sisters? What kind of work does your father do?

3-Hey if I get into ventriloquism, is it going to be here for a long time or is it just a fly by night hobby? Well thats up to you, vent has been around since the beginning of time,(note from NJ) you might want to read my history of vent a few weeks ago. Are there places I can go that other people with the same likes go? Of course, there is the christian vents who meet in July and the Vent Haven Convention in Ft Mitchell KY where over 400 vents get together to share, they also meets in July, you might want to search them out on the internet or by scrolling down on this page left side and clicking on to its site. People of all ages go to this convention, children from 8 to seniors in their 80s. Terry Fator won the number one spot on America's Got Talent, and is now appearing in his own theater in Las Vegas as well as Jeff Dunham who holds the record for Comedy Central's most watches show for a ventriloquist ever in his own specials and has gone triple platinum, not once or twice but three times. In the 1950s and 1960s while growing up in NYC I was forturnate to see many of the then current ventriloquist among the best of the best were P Winchell. Shari Lewis Edgar Bergan Senor Wences, Jimmy Nelson and before that I saw Max Terhune in the western movies, what a wonderful time to have grown up.

4-Choose your own character, and have him do his own routine, don't steal from others, have your show ready to go at all times, be prepapred at the drop of a hat. I am not saying that this is an easy trick, but with practice it can be done. The professional vents work long and hard at their craft, they practice every day, remember the old joke HOW DO YOU GET TO CARNEGIE HALL??? PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE>>>

5. What can ventriloquism do for me? No matter what your profession if not a full time vent you can add ventriloquism to your profession, be it sales, medical teaching and adhance it, Your sales would grown duew to more people listening, your patience would pay more attention to your advice because they are listening to someone their size telling them its good for them and your students would learn faster because they are finding what they are learning more interesting. If you go to a hospital to a childrens ward some of these kids wouldn't open up but they will if its a puppet doing the talking. Sometimes if you get special permission , you might be able to stay with children right up to the time of their operations, it gives them comfort. Bring along smaller less expensive puppets that these children can play with, teach them how to work it, not everyone but the special kids, what joy and happiness you can give them. If their are brothers and sisters they might have fear for the sibling so allow them as well to assist in the play time. With the use of these figures sadness can turn to happiness over night by the child talking through the figures.

6-I see ventriloquism being used in comedy, ministries,childrens parties, magic shows, singing, corporate events, scouting, hospitals, street fairs, conventions.

7-Many of us got interested in ventriloquism when we were children, but more and more of us seniors are getting into ventriloquism as we retire. Some of us got into vent to help us earn money to assist our educations. You can educate with them by using them to talk about bullying, or what goes on in a hospital, or what my mother/father does for a vocation, what did you do on your last vacation? ect. The kids love this because its like talking to one of their peers, as does both the teachers and the parents in an assembly, because they see children open up that wouldn't necessarily do so.

8-The first assembly I performed was for a 'return to school' I put a program together on 'medical scaries' and why you shouldn't be ... that was a topic that needed to be addressed to the classes K-5. I developed a program with a couple of puppets and performed with a buddy which the class, teachers, and parents loved. I am now performing for children in my hospital on the children intensive care ward on why not to have the scaries before an operation, the doctors performing the operation, the parents and the siblings are all present when the show goes on. It eases the nerves of the children and they come forward and ask many questions that have not been addressed as yet.

Make your specialty what your adept at and make the lives of those your entertaining easier to handle and happier. Hope you enjoyed this little piece. Dr. Jim/ rewritten with his permission.

This fine entry was given to me by a Dr. Jim who is a friend of mine. He thought it would be something that someone might pick up on and play it forward..I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any stories similar or not like this please be so kind as to send it along. The readers and I would very much appreciate it. N J Even when Dr. Jim just walks the childrens ward he wears a clown nose and baggy clothes and all the children perk up when he enters the ward they are on. A one in a million person, Thanks Dr. Jim


I am a new ventriloquist-I find it very dificult to remember my lines, I can change my voice and I can manipulate my vent figure fairly well but I am afraid that attention will be drawn to my moving lips, what am I to do? Jack- Trenton, NJ

You are to have fun-you are to generate over the footlights and through the audience the feeling of having a good time. The most important responsibility you have is to show your audience you are doing the best you can and making them feel good. Don't worry about being a bad vent, that causes stage freight, remember you are there to please them as well as having fun. If you show the audience your having trouble, the audience's attention will be on that trouble. I hope this answered your question and to all you other newbies as well.

Many new vents feel that this is a disadvantage there is really nothing to worry about, HAVE FUN...I know there are many experienced vents who might want to elaborate on this..feel free to do so.