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Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Many people say that the art of Ventriloquism is dying, you can't prove it by me, not with the likes of Dunham and Fator as well all the other new vents proving what a wonderful form of comedy vent truly is...You know the strange thing about me and Vent is that it took me most of my life to really see the joy in it....I spent years in the field of entertaining folks as a singer, ooops no more singing voice, as well as the musical comedy stage in various roles, haven't done since 2001, but after relocating to S Florida and settling in which took 5 years, I now found my way back into this zany work of vent....I enjoyed all the vents of my younger years like Bergan, Winch, Wenches, Lewis and the various others I got to see origionally on Ed Sullivan's show and all the other variety and talk shows of that era, where have they all gone, possibly to PBS, HBO, ect., and the comedy stations, not quite the same, but similar, hahaha.. I am still in the learning stage and aren't we all, thats what is so wonderful about vent there is always something new and exciting comming up just around the corner, so next time to get to a corner, be careful something could be comming and run right into you. You have all these wonderful Pupper manufacturers, who are busy in the think tank every day, Like Steve Axtell and his crew, Clinton Detweiler, Conrad Hartz, just to touch the very service....So vent is still alive? Very much so and will be for many years to come...I hope.

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