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Sunday, November 22, 2009


Inmate Joe was extradicted from communist China to Hong Kong under the capable hands of Master Deputy Bob Walsh from the Norfolk Sheriff's Office. Joe is in full restraints: Leg shackles, waist chain and handcuffs so he doesn't try any monkey business. No more escapes this time around for sure. We will depart Hong Kong at 11:30 AM, Friday, 11-20-09 via Continental Airlines. Jeremiah, the hard headed student will be coming along for the ride as a participant in the sheriff's "Scared Straight" program.

Wrapup for China was 29 vent shows in the Yew Chung International Schools, local schools and Beijing church. Our travels brought us to Hong Kong, Shantou, Beijing, Shanghai and Taiyuan. Few, if any, of these kids had seen a ventriloquist before. In the local schools, none had ever seen a ventriloquist before. They were all excited. We got an invitation to return in a couple of years. We climbed the Great Wall of China where Inmate Joe was tracked down on his escape from jail and the steps of the Summer Palace. Our luggages got lost temporarily from Shanghai to Taiyuan but were delivered two days later unharmed. We had to re-schedule our connecting flights from Taiyuan, China back to Hong Kong due to a snow storm.We got to see a Cave House in the countryside where poor farmers live. I had never seen a Cave House before with someone actually living in it with the temperature about 15-20 degrees. Amazingly, it was lukewarm inside. They say the hills keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Amazing.Fly back to the states tomorrow with the boys, Inmate Joe and Jeremiah.Happy venting,Bob Walsh

Thank you Deputy Bob for sharing with our readers your story about your trip to China I am sure most of the readers from around the world have enjoyed it...keep those cards and letters coming.

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