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Monday, December 7, 2009


I have been a busy little beaver calculating all the last minute votes that have been coming to my e mail address to make themselves heard regarding a new leader and here is the leader
SURPRISE SURPRISE The working ventriloquist who leads this year is Jay Johnson with 121 tooth picks (votes) from his fans from all around the world...but its still early get your votes in 2nd is Dan Horn with 84 tooth picks (votes)
The senior retired ventriloquist with the most tooth picks is Jimmy Nelson 88 , that is no surprise he has been leading all year with out a let up. but close behind him is recently retired vent Sammy King with 76 tooth picks But remember there is still time to get those votes in.. anything can happen as it has proven here...
In the mean time Good luck to the others,as well as the leaders... voting ends on the 31st so there is still time to make yourself heard....

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