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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


For those friends of mine who aren't vents who might be clowns, story tellers, magicians or a ballonie toon artist and you have a club in your area being part of the club has benefitted you in what way.
Jerry N' Jenny Bell I'm a vent, but I joined a local clown club. I was going along with them to some of their shows already so they asked me to join. It gets me into venues I wouldn't be aware of otherwise, and I am able to try out new stuff on them first and get their critique. Our meetings are held once a month.
you forgot to tell me where and when its held how many members and some information to post if they have a business card or post card to add to the blog i will add it as well
Jerry N' Jenny Bell It's held the second Wednesday of every month at the Wellness House here in Yakima. As far as I know, they have no cards. Everything they do is by word of mouth. There are about 12 total memebers, but not all show up for the meetings or for every event.

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