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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Jim Carlo known to the world of childrens entertainment and close up magic as Jimbo,Jimbo, has been a professional magician for over 20 years. In this time he has won international acclaim as a top comedy Cabaret performer and Children's
Entertainer. He has represented the United Kingdom in the Comedy Slapstick awards on German TV,and has appeared no less than 20 times on international and UK Television
Jim began as a lover of sports, let Jim tell you in his own words "I was very sporty playing for all the school teams, football, rugby, swimming, athletics,... At 14 I managed to get a set of drums and taught my self how to play. I left school at 15 and joined a group as a drummer. We played cover songs in Pubs, Clubs etc." One christmas Jim was bought a chord organ with 3 octive of keys for the right hand and 12 chord buttons for the left."I was on this non stop learning new songs and because the left hand only had to press a button for a chord it was quite easy." All of which began his road to the world of entertaining. Due to Jims family piano, it was easy for him to self teach himself,learning some of the popular songs on the time.

As a young boy, Jim grew up in the UK and watching magic shows on TV. Ali Bongo, David Nixon were two of his favorites. As a lad Jim had a great intrest in magic. My father worked in a steel foundary and each year for the workers children they had a Christmas Party. At the end Santa would come and give all the kids a present. I always wanted a magic set. Each year I asked Dad if they would give me a Magic Set. and each year I didnt get one. My mom showed me a couple of simple tricks with cards and that was about it.

At around 8 or 9 I started to play Key Boards. Jim keeping his interest in magic continued with is music, becoming a great drummer. The tides begin to change for Jim when he get hold of an old copy of the Magic Magazine, he taight himself some tricks, soon he got himself another book by Patrick Paige '150 Comedy Props. To make the magic and the music work he turned the band into a comedy band, using the principals of comedy he culled from these books.

"I got an intrest in close-up magic around the age of 21/22 so started doing a few card tricks, vanishing silk etc etc. Around 1987 I did a summer season at a holiday park with my comedy group called Bumper Bundle. We did a music/Dance/ Comedy show. The comedy show as Fire Eating and Cod Magic. But a couple of tricks went how they should."

The following year we did functions and then another summer season at a Holiday Centre in Skegness England. This was where all the families used to have an holiday for a week or 2. We were the resident band playing 6 nights a week. But on 1 night we would do our cabaret spot featuring me dressed as Abdul the Amazing Catastrophy. It was a comedy Magic and Fire eating shows with all sorts of silly props.

This is just the beginning of Jimbos climb to the top of the world of magic in UK, there will be much more to come.

Jimbo is a clown from the minute he gets on the stage to the minute he enters his dressing room, to say the least Jimbo is always on, some of his pantomine included Jack & the Beanstalk-Cinderella-Wizard of Oz-Babes in the WoodSanta and the Ice Witch
The Land of Make Believe

Jim was the recipient of many national and international awards: 1989 Awarded 3 nominations by the Variety Club of Jersey
1991 International Brotherhood of Magicians Triple Award Winner for Best Comedy Act, Most Original Act,Best Magic Act 1998 winner of the British Championships of Comedy magic. Jim's comedy entertainment has taken him to many distant landsfrom Paris, Russia,USA, Germany, Spain to name just a few. He was a welcome entertainer aboard many of the worlds cruise lines as a recurring entertainer, like the Royal Carribbean
Jimbo has worked on the top American and Eiropean Cruise Lines, and summer resorts and hotels which included 15 summer seasons at Butlins, Pontins,Haven, Jersey and the Isle of Man Hotels. Not to omit any chances of entertaining, jim searched out and won the hearts of those who camped. To add to his accomplishments he has performed and won awards at the Magic Castle in LA, as well as the Kidabra convention in Dollyword Tennessee.

Jimbo's membership includes: World Famous Magic Circle London, Associate of the Inner Magic Circle London, Awarded the Silver Star, International Brotherhood of Magicians UK, International Brotherhood of Magicians USA, International Magicians Society USA, Wolverhampton Circle of Magicians (President 2003/4), Founder Member of Captain Invisible's Occasional Magic Assembly Equity

Some of the stars that Jimbo has opened for were: Ken Dodd 4 years,Billy Pearce 2 years,Joe Pasquale, Vince Hill, The Drifters,Bobby Davro, Bernie Clifton, Ali Bongo
And Danny LaRue.

I am fortunate to have added Jimbo to my world of friends M8's and hopefully will keep him as a friend for many many many years. Jimbo your one of the best.

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