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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Attending the convention last year gave me the opportunity to view the movie and must say was very impressed with what I saw. The awards that this movie has won were well deserved. From Fators climb to the top as well as the heart breaks of many of the vents profiled. Hope everyone who get the chance to view this movie enjoys it as well as I did. This is a must see movie for those who like ventriloquism and the behind the scenes stuff you don't normally see. Go See Dumbstruck..

1 comment:

willison said...

Every once in a while you see a movie that makes your day. One that inspires you, makes you laugh, and leaves you with a smile on your face. Dumbstruck is that kind of movie.......
Dumbstruck is really a great Documentry Movie.I have seen it twice....and i m planning to Download Dumbstruck movie from a movie that i can watch it again and again...
8.5/10 to this movie