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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Let the character generate voice...
From N Jay: "I believe the character should generate the voice. You have to visually see what the Figure looks like to imagine the voice you will want to generate. The facial characteristics play a large factor in your decision for choice of voice. As well as, is it a person or an animal? Is it large or small? Is it male or female? Is the figure of a young or older character? All of these things factor into your voice choice. Even the advanced Vent who has the character made for him/her has a visual idea of what the figure is to look like and sound like before the final outcome. So again, my answer is, the character comes before the voice. At least, that is my know what they say about opinions....." I originally entered this on Newsy Vents BLOG. If you wish to add to or amend anything I've entered here please attach to e-mail and I'll be glad to enter it. Happy Venting!

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