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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


First let me define the word ventriloquism; Ventriloquism are two latin words venter meaning belly and loqui meaning I speak. This is what you must do, learn to speak as though it's coming from the belly. In reality, you are breathing from your diaphragm which gives the impression that the sound is coming from your belly.
When you wake up tomorrow morning, go to your window, open it and breathe in some good fresh air. As you are breathing in through your nose, you are filling your diaphragm. Do not breathe shallow. Most of us do exactly that. You must learn to breathe deep so when you are breathing through your nose, do not raise your shoulders. Place your hand upon your diaphragm which is just below your rib cage, as you breathe in you will feel your diaphragm expand. As you breathe out through your mouth your diaphragm will deflate of the air you took in. Practice this in the morning and in the evening before going to bed, and anytime in between during private times.
Do these exercises a few minutes at a time so you do not exert yourself. Five minutes at the beginning should be sufficient.
Here are a few exercises you can do while doing this type of breathing:
Start with "ah" as you fill your diaphragm with air. Next, try "ee". When you have mastered that, try "ah-ee-ah-ee" until your diaphragm is deflated. Most important, do not rush...take your time with all exercises when you first start. Breathing properly is very essential to good ventriloquism, so practice, PRactice, PRACTICE, but be careful of over-strain. Again, no more than 5 minutes at the beginning. After a few days, this true natural breathing will become second nature, but continue your exercises daily.
The next exercise I will be giving you will be lip control...Please watch for it.
If you have any comments regarding this topic, please feel free to e-mail me at and I will be glad to post it.

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