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Saturday, December 27, 2008


Mr. Jimmy Nelson
I must say I have not had the pleasure of meeting the great J Nelson, I have been in the business of show for many long years, I have not for the past 6.5 but I must say I remember you well as the spokes person with Danny and Farfel on the 'Childrens Hour' program from NY with Ed O'Herlihey, for Nestles nestles makes the very best CHOO CO LAT, when you snapped Farfel's mouth shut. Because of the many years ago it happened I just can not remembwer what Danny said in that commerciaI, I also remember you when my parents watched the Milton Berle Show on ABC New York and you were spokes person for Texico.. We are the men from Texico, we work from Maine to Mexico...THE BIG BRIGHT TEXICO STAR...
I'd like to do a personal Bio on you and your career for my BLOG
You have probably met many ventriloquists throughout your career, you have opened or headlined many a stage and we would love to record that in our blog for prosterity. Please be so kind as to assist us with a short or medium size bio on the beginning middle and current stages of your career, you know the typical when where why who and what how old you were when you began who were you influences, your role models, where your career has taken you, who you have opened for the high lights and lows of your career thus far, and what others can do to try and get to the stages you have graced. . Hope to see you soon at the conVENTion in July. Thank you so much again
Seasons greetings to you and yours from me and mine

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