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Sunday, December 14, 2008


The two remaining ventriloquists with the most votes are Terry Fator and Jeff Dunham neither one is a loser, both are fabulous professional ventriloquists, and its the selection of the people who read this BLOG who selected the winner for 2008. The first winner of this award. We thank all who have participated in this election since the BLOG'S inception in July 2008, that we appreciate all who have cast their vote. 2009 will be a banner year. The voters will be selecting another vent by their peers... This award is similar to The People's Choice Award. We the people select --------as the winner of the 2008 'Vent of our Choice' Award.

For all of you who have placed your vote for Vent of our choice 2008 we applaud you..for those who haven't there is only 2 weeks left to make that selection.. Please pass this on to all who are vents and all who love the art of Vent...An award will be presented to the recipient at the 2008 conVENTion, should he be present or it will be presented in proxy, should he/she not be present. If you belong to other groups please spread the word there as well. We as vents recognize great talent and do our best to let the community know that we like them, so in doing my part with the help of all of you we take the time to vote, thank you.

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