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Sunday, May 31, 2009


The following lessons will have labial letters included within the word. If you find the word difficult at the beginning to say use your substitute letters. Of course, these are not all substitutes fixed in stone, you may choose one of your own that sounds like the original letter. I never said that these sentences had to make any sense.

B = D, F = eth, M = N, P = T, V = the, W = ooo

A = Abbi Alligator asked to be an astronaut.
B = already is a labial so be careful
Bobby has a brand new brown bike.
C = I can catch a crawling crab and a cowardly crocodile.
D = Daddy fell down after dancing with the dog.
E = Eddie eats eggplants early in the evening. (Wow, an easy one!)
F = WOW! another labial.
Four friendly fishermen fished Friday morning. (This made up for the last one...ha ha ha)
G = Gary's girlfriend gets goosebumps on a chilly morning.
H = Harry and Fred get hiccups hopping vigorously.
I = Ivy invented itchy ice cream.
J = Jeff eats jam and peanut butter, I eat peanut butter and jam.
K = Kimberly keeps kissing Kobe while he is eating his breakfast vigorously. (This sentence
uses all of the labials.)
L = Lawrence and Lucy love lollipops. (Keep an eye out for those lollitots.)
M = here's another labial.
Mommy makes meatballs and macaroni for Marvin and me.
N = Norman knows a newspaperman whose name is No.
O = Oswald is an optimistic octopus.
P = Here is one of the most difficult labials to pronounce.
Pam and her brother Peter plow very perfect rows on the farm. (All the labials.)
Q = Quit quacking said the queasy queen. (wait this is not a labial, but it is a semi labial, qu=k)
R = Robert Rabbit rides rough roads rigorously. (HEY! Wait a minute, what's that gh? What's
it sound like? An F. What's the substitute for F? Go back up and look. Another semi-
S = Steven sews Sue's sweaters while swimming in a sewer. (Remember, I said they were
going to be silly.)
T = Twins Tim and Tabitha Terriffic eats taffy and twinkies every Thursday.
U = Underdog hid upstairs under the umbrella in his underwear.
V = here is yet another labial
Velma and Vivian, the vampires, have voices that are very voluminous.
W = and now for the last labial
William wanted a warm woobie when he went to west (Hahaha, so did the wascally wabbit)
X= Xavier went to the hospital to take an X-ray
Y= Young cowboys yearn for a yodle with yippies and yahoos.
Z = Zany Zebra Zack zoomed to the zoo zestfully.

The above alphabetic sentences are there to teach you your labials. Hopefully, you might have other sentences that you could use in its place. Do not be afraid to use mine as you will. Good luck with your still lips. Any questions? Feel free to contact me.

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