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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


SILILOQUY FOR TWO: June 12 & 13 - 8:00 - Main Stage

Benefit for EXIT Theatre, 156 Eddy, SF.
Tickets/info - - 415-673-3847
Written and performed by: Actor/ventriloquists: Coulter and Star
Theatre meets vaudeville for puppetry that pulls your strings. A show of frivolity, drama and audience improvisation. This two act recital features edgy humor and short plays.
Ruby Lounge Confession proceeds from mirth to murder.
Inherit To Die is a deadly backstage battle of wills.
Voice illusionists, Ron Coulter and Sid Star, promise to “delight and amaze with virtuosity, comedy and the unexpected.” “I really enjoyed the concept of this show.... I enjoy being challenged..."
Richard Hinojosa
Check out Talkin broadway.
Check out Broadway world.
This show combines the best of our recent New York show, Jihad for Vent and Dummy, our evening of one-act plays titled Last Act For Walter Gordon, and 50 years of fun-filled foolishness. You will find details, background, photos and reviews at our website.
Ron of
Coulter and Star ventriloquists

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