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Sunday, September 27, 2009


I believe that stage name is good for a few reasons, one is the ring it has, and two it allows the little kids to still call you Mr. as most parents teach there kids to do, as a respect thing, and its also like addressing a teacher in that sense, so it is really good. I like that!
And I love the blog
I have thrown a question out there to the pro vents to answer and so far they are doing a great job
I have an Idea...after you get all the answers, if you could put them in one big post, I see you have smaller posts individually as you get the answers, but after you get them all, maybe create a "data base" if you will, of all the answers...just a thought.
Well its a good Idea even a better one might be to put all the answers into one box which is simply to highlight and delete
but in the mean time I have readers from all over the world and as the replies come in I down load it to the blog
rather then keep them in limbo some professionals have different methods and if something different comes in while I am entering a reply I also add that and go back to the reply so if you wish to answer with your method by all means it will be read and entered.
I am still learning, and am not a pro, so I don't believe it would be appropriate for me to share my thoughts, because I really have not found anything newer than what has been taught....the only thing I've really found out is that difficulty on the hard letters varies from accent to accent.
Matt YOU are always welcome to add your ideas to my blog whether pro or not. I find you to be a very wise young man and if what you have to add doesn't quite make it, that's OK too. Just add it let me be the judge,
that'd be it though: I find that the difficulty of making the Labials sound like BPMVF varies between the voices I do. with My deep, dodo voice for my bird, the letters are not as hard, but I have a bit more difficulty with the letters in my southern accented boy character

we will discuss accents at another time this is totally about labials and tongue placement as well
I find that breathing from the diaphragm makes the letters easier to pronounce rather than shorter breaths*
Breathing shallow is a bad ventriloquist you must breath from the diaphram or deep breathing.. When you pronounce your M words what do you do to make it sound like an M without moving your lips
where do you position your tongue in your oral cavity, remembering that your tongue replaces your lips in vent speech therefore making it the strongest muscle or your second strongest muscle the diaphragm is the strongest
the tip of my tongue hits my gums "MM' sound and then it bounce back down for the little "uh"
OK what I refer to as the back of your upper teeth and the alveolar ridge works fine for most words but when pronouncing the M words it is the only resonant letter in the labials which means you replace it with the NG sound in your nasal cavity or the N sound in the back or your mouth Remember that the replacement sub for m is N or NG or combination of both
Here are a few replacement sentences My Mind Melds with your Mind could be Ny Nind Nelds with your Nind where in the ng sound would be mommy become ngonny or nonny very simple way to tell if the resonat sound is working pinch your nose slightly say money with the ub of NG in sing or the ay in shayon the ay or on the ng of sing. Have fun Matt

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