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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


After a request my friend send me a short briefing on his company I am sure you are going to enjoy the following
A little more about me and my work:
In my preteen years, I discovered my passion for building and performing with puppets. Originally performing with my brother Bill at birthday parties and special events, my interest has only increased with age. Over the years, I’ve built all styles of puppets. My construction technique and use of materials have also changed with time, with materials ranging from foam, fabric, wood, latex, and my currant choice, Paper Mache.
While studying children’s theater and sculpture at Central Washington State University , I honed my skills, learning more about theater and eventually finding my passion for sculpture and mold making. In 1993, I moved to New York City and built my first hard ventriloquist figure, “Little Nibbles,” a one-of-a-kind Paper Mache puppet with sculpted hair. I found that I enjoyed the process of building more than performing.

Wanting to build more puppets quickly, I used my mold making skills. I cast my heads, hands, and shoes in hard latex. The molded heads were topped with colorful wigs, and the simple bodies were dressed in hand-sewn felt suits. For the next ten years, I built as many puppets as I could while working full time dressing the windows at Bloomingdale’s. I sold everything I could produce to a few Magic stores across the country. When the last piece was sold, I retuned to making each puppet individually. I also recalled the sculpted hair.

For the past three years I’ve quietly built my latest collection of puppets.
Like people, each puppet is different, and has its own particularities. Each head is crafted individually by hand without the use of molds. To create a traditional look, the heads are made out of heavy Paper Mache, and then carved like wood. Each head has a variety of movements totaling five. All mechanical components are made of brass and all joints are soldered. The gaps between the jaw, eyelids, and other moving parts are wide enough to create resistant-free movements. This allows for snappy movements that wear less on the mechanics. The puppets are painted strikingly to read well from a distance. The paint is covered with a satin oil based clear coat.

The completed puppets include the following features:

· Realistic glowing eyes with reflecting red pupils.
· Extra glossy finish in mouth and on eyes.
· Grip coating on controls.
· Hand printed felt clothing.
· Squirting flower.
· Detachable control for left and right arm.
· Each is signed and dated with the working title.

Some of my puppets also include character-building features, such as gold teeth, a black eye, and a doll with a pull string. I believe the love I have for this art is reflected in each finished figure. Being the sole proprietor of the business I can offer outstanding customer service with a personal touch. My position as an artist is foremost in all my creations, second only to reliable mechanical movements. My goal is simply to create one-of-a-kind works of art and pass them on to people who share my passion.

James (Jimmy) Eisenberg
Hello to my Indian friend Abhijeet
I will post your information on the reply, if you wish next time just click on comment and you may post your own information.
How is everything in India.Hopefully well. Keep in touch and keep a stiff upper lip.
Ventriloquially Yours
N Jay
Remember No Person Is Too Tall
Not To Stoop To Help Any Child
From: Abhijeet Deshpande 2:57 pmSubject: Ventriloquist sideshow
Dear Sir,
Hi, myself Abhijeet (age 22), from India. I am an amateur
ventriloquist, also now I'm making my first vent figure.
I read about Mr. James Eisenberg on your blog. I read that currently
he is making puppets and vent figures out of paper mache. I'm also
making my first vent figure from paper mache. Will you please give me
email address of Mr. James Eisenberg? I want to ask him some questions
relating to paper mache figure making.
I'm looking forward to receive a reply from you.
Thank you!

“Ventriloquist Sideshow”

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