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Sunday, November 30, 2008

David Pendleton

David has a cast of 4 characters one funnier then the next...Aunt Tilly, loveable but blunt, who is a 94 year old spinster. Then there is Mack Elroy a trouble maker with a quick wit, Buford the Beagle, sorta slow and lazy and last but certainly not least Vern the Bird, who is a vulture somewhat lost in his own mind.

David got started at the ripe old age of 6 when his grandparents bought him a puppet he was begging his parents for for a year. You see he has this fascination for all puppets like most kids when he was a kid of 4 or 5, the puppets from Captain Kangaroo and Sesame Street. His first puppet was a toy Charlie McCarthy and a record called Instant Ventriloquism made by Jummy Nelson. He sat in front of a mirror and repeated over and over again without moving his lips, memorizing the script that came with the record. In a few years he was feeling ready to perform on a real stage for the cub scouts. His grandmother helped him write his routines, beginning to do shows for birthday parties, service clubs, churches, street fairs and what ever came his way.... At the age of 11 He had his first opportunity to go to Vent Haven Museum. Tell me about this one. Show me that one. Inquisitive minds needed to know, I was still in search of my first professional puppet. He learned about the McElroy brothers. He was so moved by this figure with the moving eyebrows, wiggling ears, moving eyes, hair that stood up ect that he wanted one of his own, but of course by this time the brothers were retired. Time passes and David is now a high school student and made it every year to the student talent shows. He now has a professional figure he named Otis. His fellow students loved Otis's antics about the faculty, when it was time for graduation he really let loose with some zingers and broke up the student graduates. On to college in Ohio and a job at the theme park which gave David the opportunity to sharpen his skills and help his act grow. Aunt Tilly and the Beagle Buford became part of his act at this time. Aunt Tilly's personality was influenced by his grandmother who he was living with at this time. Through Ventriloquism David's dreams were more than met. He traveled all over the country with his show and even more, all over the world. Back to the McElroy, not giving up he kept searching, knowing that the price of such a find would be astronomical, one day met a senior retired person who was in possesion of such a find, this was around 2002. Lucky for him, she was excited about selling him and getting him back on stage and in the hands of a well trained ventriloquist. You see this person's grandfather was a vent during world war two, before and after for 60 years. Well we made an appointment to meet at her apartment the following day, and need I say sure enough it was the McElroy and I was overwelmed and she said that G-D was saving him for me... Tears cascaded from David's

face from excitement. Well he bought him and renamed him Mack McElroy, dressed him in a tux, and he has been part of the act since June 2002. David is still making them laugh, try to catch one of his shows you'll be enlightened when you do.
Hey N Jay, I got to see his show on "Banana Comedy Show" last night.They interviewed him and it was great.He even got a volunteer from the audience to come up and be the "dummy".Love your site too.
Thank you keep comming back always adding something new...


Cheryl said...

Hey N Jay, I got to see his show on "Banana Comedy Show" last night.
They interviewed him and it was great.He even got a volunteer from the audience to come up and be the "dummy".
Love your site too...

brother_barabbas said...

Dave is a close personal friend of mine. Its hard to take a person serious who plays with puppets at 44 years old and tells jokes for a living. David is a good guy and a great friend!