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Friday, November 7, 2008


Ventriloquist give away their best material to a hunk of wood, or a bag of rags and you, why you play second banana. Now and again we are blessed with the likes of a Jeff Dunham, or a Terry Fator, were lucky we have them both at the same time, which is best or is either one better then the other?

"Learning to speak without moving the lips is learning to speak an entirely new way," "Anyone can learn ventriloquism, and just like learning any skill, the dedication to accomplish the task is in direct correlation with the ability to learn. ... The more you practice, the better you are and the quicker you learn."
The sync'ing the mouth to every syllable, the manipulation of the dummy or the puppet has to be in accord to the topic. After you've learned all of that, the work has just begun.
you might speak using a red-haired, freckle-faced boy dummy named Jelly Bean Joey or an old story teller named Elliot.
You have to master the technique first, You've practiced many long hours, all fun hours, now it's time to take your open out to the public to introduce him to the people and the people to your puppet. But wait, you now have to find a voice that's going to be comfortable to both you and fit the character, is it going to be nasally, high tone, lower, goofy or falsetto among many others, its time to chooce the voice.There is one major advantage to being a ventriloquist, your character through you can say things that could land you in jail if you said it yourself. For example you could bring your figure to work and see your boss in a dress that looks like some one did it and ran, if you said something to her inregards to that you could be searching for a new job, but since your figure said it it would be laughed at and possibly shrugged off, as part of a funny routine. Remember people will always forgive the puppet, but not you.
She is also featured in "I'm No Dummy," a new documentary about the history of ventriloquism. Before there was Jeff and Terry, there were Edgar so who is or was the best, do some research and see for your self.
Ventriloquism dates back at least as far as the ancient Greeks. Read my article on the history of vent and where it origionally dates from It often was linked with the occult, and practiced by mediums and soothsayers who could enthrall audiences by carrying on a "dialogue" with a disembodied voice.
In 18th and 19th century America, ventriloquists on the vaudeville and medicine show circuits often promoted themselves as magicians who demonstrated their prowess by speaking in multiple voices. Edgar Bergan was the first to use comedy trading jokes between figure and ventriloquist around 1937, when ventriloquist Edgar Bergen got his own radio show with dummy Charlie McCarthy.
A ventriloquist achieves the desired effect of a talking dummy through the inability of the human ear to keep pace with the eye. Try to listen for the direction an ambulence is comming from the next time your at a light and hear it, our ears are not good receivers of sound, but when our eyes assist our ears we can at that time know the direction... same works with ventriloquism..."That's why, in your car, when you hear an ambulance, you have to look around.
There are at least five sounds that cannot be made with the lips closed, including the b and p. W in water -- if you're going to say the word water, it's a very visible movement of the lips. The vent would substitute an ooh ahh. He says o-ater very quickly so it sounds like water. As a substitute for the letter 'b,use a "distorted 'D' by flattening his tongue.
It's not enough to make a dummy talk. Both of you must be funny, charismatic and entertaining.
So get yourself a funny skit, learn your lip control and dummy manipulation, synch the lips to the sylables say some funy stuff and get out there and have some fun, really have some fun.

N Jay

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