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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


N J: Just a few moments time out to wish all the puppets out there and their ventriloquists partners a very H A P P Y- T H A N K S G I V I N G
JellyBean: To all... and to all a good night (picking up the moment NJ stops)

N J: Wait a moment thats from a christmas song
JellyBean: Then how about G-D- B L E S S -U S- E V E R Y O N E (shrugging shoulders)

N J: Wait a cotton picken moment here thats from.... (looking at JB sternly)
JellyBean: Snow White and The Turkey Dinner (jumping right on NJ's last word)

N J: No No its a very famous Christmas Carol
JellyBean: Oh yeah! Carol Channing (lookng all around at the aud. then at someone directly )

N J: Hey were supposed to be good and nice its the holiday season
JellyBean: I can be nice for $50 bucks (smart aleckie wiggle)

N J: Now stop that JellyBean!! Can't you be like me? (now upset with JellyBean)
Jellybean: Nope (looks NJ up and down)

N J: No!! (firmly) Tell me, why not? (looking him right in the eye)
Jellybean: Because I can't be good for nothing. (pulls back and looks him in the eye)

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