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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Just say the word 'clown' to a kid and smiles as wide as an ocean come across their faces...Many have run off to join circuses, just because they wanted to be a clown, some have been very successful some have made very big mistakes. But some of you have grown up and missed that chance, but have you. Your not ded and you still have that desire to make kids laugh till it hurts. Your not alone, they are many many who still have that same burning yearning need, its awful how much it hurts to want something so bad but you let it slip away...DON'T LET IT HAPPEN. Where would this world be without the clowns who have made us laugh when we were growing up, those who were in the circuses, the clowns who turned into comediand and visa versa...It use to be that every person who dreamed of becoming a clown also dreamed of attending the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Clown College. This was one of the greatest clown schools in the world, it no longer exist, becase we have enough clowns to stock all the circuses, or do we?

Because this school closed doesn't mean there are other schools to learn in, like Mooseburger Clown Camp, even an on line clown school and the California clown school.
Self taught clowns are also out there, they have read books and learned the craft. You can go to your local library and request books on how to be a clown, you can also go to your local book stores and request your very own copy, no matter you can learn to teach your self how to be a clown. What Skills are needed? Many different clowns focus on different skills, like balloon art, magic, juggling and ventriloquism. You will need to take lessons in acting, dancing as well as speech to enhance your skills...

A clown constantly gets their mettle tried, remember one very important thing, kids are not always nice, they will try your spirit. But remember one thing always 'you must be nice to them . Its not easy to be a clown, its demanding hard work. Even if you are dealing with a bratty kid. You must smile and keep the show going... on with the show.

Ok on with the show, who are you? Whats your persona, Do you have a name and a personality, well its time to choose onme. Choose one that is catchy, one that is funny, like SLOPPY POPPY the hobo clown, SILLY DILLY the silly clown, WILLY NILLIE the sad clown. Choose your costume or better still make your own, if you choose to buy one there are many magic and costume shops where you can select the outfit that suits your persona and alter it to make it perfect. OOOPs less we forget the clown face, the make up.. what will you look like? Come up with a style that is you but have lots of fun go to the extreme. .

Ok lets go to work, remember those skills you've chosen to perfect well lets put them to the task, loosen up and relax, slapstick, pratfalls, whistles, horn blowing, try some amusing banter, a wheeze, a froggy voice, you make the choice. Keep your program in the theme of your clown persona. If you have chosen to be a clumsy clown and you do juggling, you’ll want to drop things a few times, for example. Developing a program will help you to remember your skills and your best acts.

Getting out there in front of the kids for some is the hardest part of being the clown, but start small, family or your kids friends, and the kids in the neighborhood will do just fine to begin. See what sort of reaction you get from them. What worked and what didn’t? Learn from them, they are gonna be your barometer, they will laugh at some stuff and not at others, remember which and make a mental not and when you do your act again, omit and replace and constantly do that till you have a well worked routine. Work your way up to the bigger groups as you hone your skills and perfect your routine. Offer to do free shows at places like the library, hospital and children’s homes. As you become more comfortable with your act you can start to advertise your services. You may even find that you will get a few paying jobs from the free shows you put on while developing yourself. Always make sure you have a few business cards or flyers with you just in case.

After you have done all this, you can call yourself a bona fide clown. It is a long, hard road to become a clown but if you have the dedication and dream to become a clown, it will seem more like fun than work.

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