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Sunday, August 30, 2009


Hi James
It was nice meeting you at the VH Con in July Your ideas are wonderful and I wish you lots of luck with your new company 'Ventriloquist Sideshows'. Please send me some information regarding your techniques and how the idea came about. This will be entered on my Blog along with your byline. E mail me so that I can enter it for you and remember I wholeheartedly agree with you in regards to the books, that unless you are going for the McElroy look and idea 'The magic' would work but if your idea is to enjoy making puppets of any style you need 'The Fun' book is your method. I will be sending this memo to the blog to prepare my readers for your sideshow information...again nice meeting you and look forward to meeting you again in July 2010...

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I love "Figure Making can be fun". I own both books They are both very nice. "McElroy Magic" has very good mechanical drawings but I found the information in "figure making can be fun" is more practical and useful.The information in "figure making can be fun"is more easily adapted to any kind of puppet building, Not just ventriloquist figures. It shows Everything you would need and in some cases demonstrates two mechanical choices for the same movement.It is worth every penny. I continue to refer to it often."McElroy Magic" is essential, if you are building a McElroy replica or if you are intrigued buy the mechanical nature of the brothers work. The schematic style drawing are unbeatable. They are both great books but "figure making can be fun" is a better Value. It has a lot more information for your dollar.

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