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Saturday, February 6, 2010


Ok where to start. I was mainly influenced by Jim Henson. I watched Sesame Street and the Muppets. My favorite was Kermit. I loved the monsters too. I was also influenced by Star Wars, Star Trek, Mr. Rogers, Lambchop , Captain Kangeroo and Sid and Marty Kroft . I started making things since I can remember. My Mom and Grandmother both sewed. I learned from them how to make creatures out of cloth. My first creation was a noseless purple Teddy Bear I called a " Jacob". Then I started making monsters because of the Sci Fi influence of Star Wars and Star Trek. I used coat liners. Coat hangers rags and anything I could get my hands on. I made up stories and I even learned to draw from a dream that was an answer to a prayer. I made costumes etc also. After I got saved I lost interest in scary monsters. I started making puppets once my two daughters where born. I was into Civil War reenacting for a while. I got out of it due to the expense. My oldest daughter was learning Civil War era in school. I made a puppet of a Confederate Soldier to help teach Civil War life. It went over well so I made a Sleestack puppet to use to teach Natural History . That went over real good. Then in church My wife and I did Childrens Church. I made several puppets for that. We started our own church and I did puppets there. It got to hard to maintain a church in "The City of Churches" so we joined a nice big church. Now I am ready again to do puppet ministry with the hopes in one day starting my own Christian Muppet Show. I am still making puppets out of old clothes. I discovered Youtube and started learning various techniques. I found PuppetsnStuff on the web and got advise from there and friends on Facebook. I am learning how to do puppets the right way. Since I have discovered better ways and gotten great advise from awesome puppeteers all around the world I have made 23 puppets and learned how to use foam. Foam really adds to the look and function of the puppets. I went back and remodeled my older puppets. The internet is an awesome resource! I have found that Puppeteers are a wonderful, kind, helpful group of people that I am thrilled to be part of! I have learned alot of tricks of the trade such as making puppets with moving eyebrows etc. all thanks to the wonderful resources of the internet and great puppeteers willing to share the information. So thanks guys!
A returned message from Bludolph:
Thanks I viewed it everything looks good. could you add this to it I just want people to know they can go to to view more of my artwork and that I have videos on Youtube under BludolphDolph. Thanks.

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