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Sunday, February 14, 2010


My name is Matt B. I am 15 years old and recently joined the International Brotherhood of Magicians. I have an idea for a big stage illusion and I need to see whether or not it is my own original idea. imagine this: A lady vanishes with nothing on stage but the sheet that covers her. It doesn't just cover her being held in front of her, rather, it is draped over her. as soon as the magician pulls the cloth down. the lady is GONE!...this illusion is inspired by the workings of some other illusions, however, I want to know if I have combined these illusion principles to mae something new. I know that I am 15, and as such, I do not have exstensive knowledge about stage illusions, so any help I could get in finding out more about this would be highly appreciated. If you wish to help me, please email me at so I can email you more about it. Thanks again for your time and help!

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Steven J said...

I believe I have seen something just like this performed somewhere before. Though for the life of me I can't remember where - probably on T.V. and for some reason I am thinking it was David Copperfield who did it.