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Saturday, February 6, 2010


It was good chatting with you. Sorry my typing was slow I also had someone else
chatting. Not that I would be typing much faster if you were the only one. Im
glad we chatted becasue there arent any vents located in my area. Do you make
gag files to keep your jokes in or just do scripts? Im looking for ideas to help
me organize. I have index cards broken into topics and working on adding them
into my computer but wonder what other vents or even comedians do. Alot of the
kids jokes I get from the tons of joke books I have read. Of course I may find 3
funny jokes per book. My kids are co-workers are my guinia pig. I never let them
know I am telling a joke when I start the story but after it gets ridiculous
they finally figure out I am trying a new gag on them. The book "Complete
Idiots Guide to Comedy Writing" has helped me write alot of funny original gags
but most of them are geared for the teenage or older crowd not kids. Here is one
of my favorites that I sometimes do in mixed crowds. The older kids laugh
becasuse they get it the younger ones laugh too but not sure why. This is for my
figure Tim.
TIM: Man its hot here in Fort Lauderdale.
VENT: Sure is.
TIM: It so hot I saw a squirrel swimming in Mills pond the on the way here. Did
you know they swim on their back?
VENT: Squirrels swim on their back? Why would they do that.
TIM: Because they dont want to get their nuts wet.

Well my 12 year old thinks its hilarious. What do you think? Be honest should I
save it for the 12 year olds who like fart jokes or is it adult worthy too?

Take Care,

Anyone who can help casey please post your ideas and i will make them visable

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