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Monday, March 22, 2010


The Top teeth lightly touching the bottom lip method is based on a nice smile. When you smile you automatically assume this position.
A soft smile will do it. Then you're set for the mouth position. Even if you have
to frown at the figure you can frown with your eyebrows and still
have the slight smile on your face. For a title I have called
this mouth position, This is the smile position it allows good arch positions for the tongue to contact the roof of the mouth and all. Plus it gives you a pleasant rather then a stone face look.

It seems as though this method will stop clinching and might just be easier to to the hard letters.

Learning to adjust from a smile position to a neutral.non-smile and back again without moving your lips adds to the reality of two different personalities on stage. With practice you can achieved this very nicely.

The tongue can be arched back in the mouth and move more freely than the other two positions. All this discussion means one thing elaborate more on mouth positions that writers in the past. They usually dedicated It is important to study mouth and tongue position and work on your labials with this mouth position. With this position one doesn't need to worry if his/her lips are moving 15 to 20 minutes into the act.

I have always been disappointed in most vent books that say, "Open
your mouth approx. 1/4" keep your jaw still when speaking for the
figure. Then, they go on with volumes on the drone sound, etc. etc.
Well, I'd like to offer you my opinions on three more positions so you
can try each according to your teeth and mouth physics and then decide
which(if) one may be better than the one above for you:

1) Top teeth lightly touching bottom lip. I currently use and like
this position. It allows enough air flow and locks both your lips and
jaw in one position. Also allows a pleasant smile.

2) Teeth lightly touching. This is good for close-ups. There is a
lower air flow though. Also, some words sound slurred a bit when

3) Canine position. This is where your third teeth from dead cent
touch each other on one side of your mouth to lock your jaw. This one
allows lots of air flow, but kinda make your smile a bit skewed to one

Try all three in addition to the "open your mouth 1/4" one. Again, I
use and like number one above.

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