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Saturday, March 20, 2010


In responce to Al Stevens on Manipulation of your figure... I generally don't add my views here at this site I am more of a reader but thought that this would be helpful
The best way to manipulate a figure is to look at the person sitting next to you when your speaking to them how they move do they scratch their head turn their head from side to side, looks up towards the ceiling or any other direction while speaking to the person shy and can't look at you, is he naughty as you speak and becomes rude and turns away or might even laugh as you speak, finding what your saying as funny, if your figures doesn't have blinkers you can put the figures hands to its eyes scratch its jaw or any other place that may have an itch, rub its brow or eyebrow for that matter place its hand through its hair, don't be ashamed put its hand near its nose as to pick it, its all good, there are 1001 other movements when talking to a child a child can not sit still long even when being scolded he /she is jittery, swinging their feet, looking almost everywhere but at you, it could be deep in thought and thats when he is stearing out into space and you can use the phrase earth to figure come back, which will startle the figure and return it to you which could cause it to shake...I could go on and on but remember that there are times when your figure like a human can stare out into space...

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