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Monday, March 22, 2010


Before you give a program on bully study what bullying to children is all about,name calling is one great example so instead of discussing what someone might be called you might want to use your figure and call him anyone of these names, watch as his feelings get hurt, and go into a skit as to how someone can turn that name calling around and appologize for his action... TERMITE SNACK, BOBBLE HEAD, FIRE STARTER
RUMMY DUMMY, PILE OF PLYWOOD, WOOD PILE, HOLLOW HEAD, TOOTH PICK FUTURES. NO BRAINER. Verbal abuse is very hurtful not just for children but adults as well. With adults its just a little more difficult to back away, because this has been going on for a much longer time then it has with children. The above names are what a heckler might call on figure or infact being called himself and is using the figure as his escape.
You can use slurs in reverse as well, when the figure is being called by a name he in turn can vent out and say, AIR HEAD, SPACE CADET,WHOSE PULLING YOUR STRINGS, ARE YOU MAKING HIM SAY THAT, LIP FLAPPER.

Know your character, is it an animal, what type how would he respond to this bullying, a goat would say i'll butt in whenever and where ever, A dog might say life being too ruff for you...

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