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Saturday, March 20, 2010


Walking around the town March 20 2010, 5:59 PM

I find that actually walking from place to place works for me...its gives me new ideas and I bring the mountain to the people instead of the people going to the mountain, but either way works great...while at a fair you might find new ideas to talk about while moving about, a booth that draws your interest might be a great topic to discuss with your listeners as well as another new face to talk to, as you are walking about talk to the people just a bout anything that comes to your mind, maybe your talking to children eating a water mellon or a baker baking his loaf, all is good, but you have to learn to be quick witted, if you want your walk around to be funny, but if you have a message to share like how come you've come to the fair today, nothing better to do, did the wife throw you out, itsa a beautiful day today glad you've come out to join us here today, do you come here often...make sure your telling your friends about this fair, we need more bodies...ect.
So if you wish to stay in one place and have the people come to you or move around which I prefer is up to you, as for portable mics all the above work well,with 6 amps I just have one problem with them, my belly is too large for the belt, can anyone out there recommend something, don't be cruel!! I just wanted to add my nickel, but whatever you do as a walk around have fun because walk arounds are just that is anyone form of Vent.

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