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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Came up with this concept can anyone come up with dialog to fit it?
Puppet 1 is out with a parent and wants something, and the parent gives in. It's an expensive something frivolus that won't last. He/she seems to think he/she needs it to fit in with the other kids. (self-esteem)

He/she shows it off to puppet 2 who explains that she/he too has whatever it is, BUT that she/he earned it by doing extra chores around the house. At first she/he was upset that she/he couldn't just get it, but after awhile she/he enjoyed the extra participation that made her/him feel like a part of the household, she/he liked feeling like she/he did the job best and that she/he got MONEY for it. Then she/he was able to make the decision if she/he really wanted that overpriced item or not, she/he could make up her/his own mind. She/he learned impulse control, decision making, money making and all this roled into long-lasting self esteem. Puppet 1 felt sad and puppet 2 saw it and gave him/her a job to do....for his/her own good, of course! hee hee

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