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Sunday, August 30, 2009


Teams like Abbott and Costello Abbott being the vent and Costello the figure, a good example that many vents use is "Who's On First" or Burns the Str8 man to Gracies silly replys Like Bob and Marty Hamill, picture it, even a Martin and Lewis where Martin could be the singer (str8 man) and Lewis the comic impersonator, How about Terry Fator and a few different vent pieces... How about Laurel and Hardy Dan Horn and Orson picture it...How about Bill Damar with his frog Feldon, doing Pantomime..the list can go on and on Tony I seldom disagree with what you have to offer except at this time I very much agree that the teams of the vaudeville days,radio and early television were the forerunners of what a ventriloquist and his figure are today and if you look at the team of Jay Johnson and Bob that makes for a great example. Can you picture the teams, a vent with many characters can do either a marx Brothers routine, or maybe the three stooges using slap stick (its not dead, dorment maybe)any good vent can do a Weber and Fields or Olsen and Johnson, So very much yes Vaudeville is todays ventriloquism's grand daddy, you can't escape it, but you can make it better...So single handedly ventriloquism can bring back the variety on it, make something from Vaude your very own.

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