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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Terry Fator while in 5th grade he was searching for a book, made a discovery of his life when he found a book on Ventriloquism, studied the book, went to Sears bought a Willie Talk Dummy enter a contest and won $25. In 6th grade he appeared on Peppermint Place starring Jerry Haynes. Fast forward a few years Terry turns 18 he found out that he could impersonate singers without moving his forward a few more years and we find Terry as lead singer for the singing group Freedom Jam, then he moved over to another singing group Texas the Band. At the age of 20 he wanted to include his puppet Walter T Airedale into the show, a record label offered him a deal if he would sing in his own voice and get rid of the puppet, of course he refused. He leaves band and goes out on a solo combining comedy and ventriloquism. As a solo act he wasn't doing too well, he would do fairs and get the worst part of the shows...Well its now getting near time for AGT, but he almost quits, before the event.. he is doing a 1000 seat theater and only one person shows up what a downer for Terry...His success came when he combined his singing talent with his vent talent impersonating singers like Etta James, Dean Martin, Garth Brooks, Reba McIntire who he was the opening act for. When Terry first came on stage Hasselhoff was heard to say"...Oh no another Ventriloquist...."and the rest isn't even history yet.... We're lucky to be part of it...there is so much this talent has yet to share with us and you will be there...

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