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Sunday, August 24, 2008


He was born on Sept. 24th 1936 in a small town in Mississippi. Around 1955-61, Jim was involved in his first tv show called Sam and Friends out of Wash DC, and you bet they were already recognizable Muppets. The show was finacially successful. With his success cam talk shows and variety shows and because of this exposure cam e 100s of commercials throughout the 60s. In 1963 Jim moves his family to NY where he meets and hires Frank OZ. One of the Henson Muppets makes it to prime time Network tv on the Jimmy Dean Show, it was Roulf the Dog. 1969 Chilrens Television Workshop and Jim Henson came up with Sesame Street, Bert and Ernie, Big Bird, Mr Snuffalufagus, Cookie Monster, Oscar the grouch, Guy Smiley, and litterally hundreds of Muppets as well as live adults and children. Many children's records came from this show, hey guys most of our executives today got their first taste of the ABC's and their numbers from this show, just think Jim Henson single handedly shaped the next generation of the people who would run this country. Another venue was Tales from Muppetland hosted by Kermit the Frog. Between 1975-6 SNL presented the Muppets on their first year...Soon came the Muppet Show filmed in England and Aired over CBS Starring Kirmet and Miss Piggy with a host of other Muppets such as Fozzie Bear, Gonzo, Mah Na Mah Na, and like Sesame Street, The country went Muppet crazy There was Muppets on everything that wasn't nailed down, Muppets on parade, Muppets on Ice, Muppets on B'way, Every child either wanted the Muppets or Sesame Street, could't get enough, lunch boxes, toys, games and anything else you can think about. Was the World being overtaken by the Muppets, man I hoped so, Celebrities were intermingled with the muppets in the comedy skits... 3 years after the Muppet Show took off the Muppet Movie series began and was as successful as the TV show. Many famous billboard songs came from the movies such as Rainbow Connection Its Not Easy Being Green and many many others... Jim also lent his Talented Frank Oz to 'Star Wars 'Empire Strikes Back' to create and voice Yoda, which he did for all the following Star Wars movies. Fraggle Rock another creation of Jim's and Muppet Babies soon followed... Henson lives on through his foundation and his work, I still wonder what the foundation has for us in the future..

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