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Sunday, August 3, 2008


Its Howdy Doody time Its Howdy Doody time.... Its time to start the show so kids lets go....was the first network kids show to run 5 days a week, the first network show of the day (in the beginning it was preceded by the daily test pattern), the first television show ever broadcast in color, and the the first show ever to air more than 1000 shows.
I am proud to say I was a member of the Peanut Gallery, due to the fact that my uncle who was prominent in the garment business knew someone that had some pull, believe me at that time I didn't care if he knew G-d himself , I was going to meet Howdy Doody and Buffalo Bob, as well as Heidi Doody, the sister puppet to Howdy who wore a cowboy outfit as well as his sister did. Clarabell (a clown who communicated by blowing his horn, he also had the last word on the show at the end of its run, he used a seltzer bottle to squirt his enemies like the chief), Princess Summerfall Winterspring, Chief Thunderthud(Kowabunga!!), Dilly Dally, Flubadub, Phineas T Bluster. The origional Howdy is now resting in the Detroit Institute of Art. There were look alike Howdys like Double Doody who was used as a stand in for Howdy, who now resides in the Smithsonian in Washinton DC Photo Doody who was almost a stringless used for photo shoots, parades, and the now famous NBC test Pattern. Leland's sold this one for over $110,000 to a private collector. I know you must have fond memories of Howdy so leave them so others can share them.
am so glad to say that I not only met Buffalo Bob Smith, but I attended a Howdy Doody Revival at Harvard University's Sanders Theater and HAD his autograph, and saw one of the original Howdy's at The Smithsonian Institute Museum.Love those shows from my childhood.John Wayne Peel

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