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Friday, August 15, 2008


HI Gang

I want so much to be recognized when we get there next year. I have posted a BLOG and have my pictures on them.. But I have not had that many people come and visit me. Thank you to those who have and left a memo. But I want so much to be recognized. I have been a member of this group for a while now and have stayed pretty much in the back groud unless I found it important, then I would chime in. Besides The Vent BLOG I am also studying Vent with some difficulty, but Not going to giveup. Please keeep in touch with me so that when I do finally get the chance to meet many of you guys and gals, I will feel welcomed. If you haven't visited my BLOG please go to VENTRILOQUIALLYYOURS.BLOGSPOT.COMIf you have difficulty go to google and enter the blog...Please keep it in your fav places due to constant updating...We are strictly Ventriloquism, Puppetry and Magic...PLease add any advice due to the fact that this BLOG is yours as well as mine and the more information that is supplied the more informed everyone is...from newbies to the seasoned professional... Thank you for being a friend... N Jay

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