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Thursday, August 7, 2008


Madame was created by Flowers in the mid-1960s Waylands first big break came on the Andy Williams variety show. Madame is an outragious old broad. Her witty come back would keep the audience roaring for more, especially with her double entendres. She wore these fabulous gowns and bedecked in jewels (one of her lines about her jewels was she called them summer diamonds, some are diamonds some aren't) She held a seat on many game shows (replacing Paul Lynde, who could of thought that Paul would be replaced by a dummy, hahaha), appeared on Laugh-In, until she starred on her pwn show Madame's Place.
Flowers did not just have Madame, he also had Crazy Mary (an escapee from a mental hospital)
Jiffy ( A Harlem Harlot with a heart of brass) Machelheny ( a former Vaudeville comic).. He also created figures for other people, One was TV star Marlo Thomas for Free To Be You and Me.

Many of us still have fond memories of Flowers and Madame so please share them for all to see, those who never saw them ( a tear is shead) and for those who feel it seems like only yesterday, lets bring back a memory or two.

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