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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


His career has taken him to four continents, where he has been adored by audiences and critically excepted around the world. He can make a basketball yodel while he blows up a balloon. He can trade jokes with anything from a microphone to a pencil , he can turn any member of an audience into a life-size singing dummy who delivers funny one-liners and even does some dance steps. Most interesting entertainer, and probably the first to ever mix vocal manipulation, stand-up comedy, improvisation and audience interaction into one performance.It all began when he was seven and saw an old TV program in which ventriloquist Edgar Bergen made a baby talk, then came onstage with his companion Charlie McCarthy, and gave the audience a thoroughly enjoyable show. He learned the art with "Instant Ventriloquism" by Jimmy Nelson, Ronn spent nearly three years working to master the art of talking without moving his mouth. "They were either going to laugh at me or laugh with me, but I sure wasn't going to be ignored. I learned early that an act using vocal manipulation could be accepted as more than a gimmick if done well. I also learned to think fast or duck. One night a drunk heckled me, so I had one of my dummies heckle him back. The audience loved it, and when he kept it up, so did I. The crowd was roaring. The guy cursed the dummy and came up on stage ready for a fight. A couple of his buddies restrained him, but I wasn't in any danger because the guy was actually trying to punch out the dummy. It was a compliment, in a way, his believing the prop was talking, not me." This was and is Ronn Lucas.... Got some stories to share please send them here and we will post the best ones...

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