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Monday, October 20, 2008


Skipper Frank Herman who hailed from Edmonton Canada as a well known and liked celebrated radio talent,for five years following world war 2, he came to LA and became a Local children's show personality. He hosted CARTOON CAROUSEL and FOR KIDS ONLY as well as Magic Party in the 1950s and 1960s. Dressed in a captain's hat, a blue blazer, and white slacks. The daily routine was cartoons, magic tricks and ventriloquism courtesy of his wooden sidekick Julius., a replacement for his origional pal Ziggy Originally, entertainer Mel Blanc (voice of Bugs Bunny) got the nod to become the star of the show CARTOON CAROUSEL, but when Blanc demanded too much money, the part fell to newcomer Frank Herman. Frank Herman was born due to his searching wardrobe locating a NAUTICAL BLUE BLAZER, which was about the only thing that fit properly, he got the captain's hat and the character Skipper Frank was created. As part of his duties as a children's show host, Skipper Frank often traveled to supermarkets and other events to promote his show and hawked a number of merchandise including Kellogg's Cornflakes under the "Cartoon Carousel" banner. The In the 1970s a bout with cancer left Frank almost totally deaf, but despite his disability, he continued to perform magic shows for children at schools and other venues. Frank is one of the founding member of the now famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. At the beginning of his TV career while doing a promo at a supermarket he had a dummy named Ziggy that was stolen from his car while performing. He tried but in vane to get him back, placing cry outs over the air for his wooden sidekick, but it was never found.

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