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Thursday, October 23, 2008


The jokes below have all been writen by N Jay and are prohibited for use without written consent

V:Jellybean do you know why the cow jumped over the moon
F: Yup!! To get as far away from you as possible

V: Do you know why little Bo Peep Lost her sheep
F: Because she had a bad poker hand

V: you heard of the poem: Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
F: yeah I heard of it but they got it all wrong
V: Why do you say that
F: Because he didn't fall, he was pushed,
V: Pushed what do you mean
F: ya wanna finish this line (make it funny)

V: I went fishing yesterday and caught a whopper
F: What did someone do throw a can of tuna at you

V: Hey Jelly Bean Joey do you work after school
F: Of Course
V: Well what do you do
F: I have a paper route
V: You do? How many customers
F: 150
V: WOW!!! Thats some large route
F: Yeah 150 houses or 1 dumpster

NJ: Hey Jellybeans I think your are the smartest dummy around
Jelly Bean Joey: Awww you shouldn't have to say that, but i like it I like it.
NJ Well can't you say something nice about me
JellyBean Joey: Sure if I have to... I think... Your the dumbest smarty around.

JBJ: are you gonna vote in the election
NJ: Sure I already Made my mind up
JBJ: Wonderful... unchartered (untried) territory

V: (singing) Where have you gone Joey Boy Joey Boy Oh where have you gone Charmin Joey
F: Whats it worth to you!?
V: Why can't you be nice
F: I don't know, can you tell me
V: You used to be so kind, so sweet, so nice...
F: (jumping in) So What, I can be good for $10.
V: Why can't you be like me
F: And be good for nothin

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