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Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to N Jay & Jelly Bean Joey (Thats Me) and the Gang

Today we have reach a new plateau, in our creation we have reached the age of 3 mons. and were so happy to be alive, I don't always have wonderful stuff to say about my creator, no not him the other guy, N Jay. But I think he did good stuff here. Happy Happy Birthday to us, N Jay
Ms Barkley, Looney Toons Louie, Sniggles, George the Funky Monkey and me Jelly Beans Joey.
Hey Jelly Beans why are you constantly stealing the show? Because with out me N jay it would be curtains. Thats rude why can't you be good like me? Oh you mean good for nothing.... Ok back in the case. Say good night Joey. Good Night Joey.

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