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Monday, October 13, 2008

Howard Olson Son of Vaudevilles 'The Great Chestfield'

Howard Olson born in Chicago 1910, star of "Circus 3," on WISC-TV in Wisconsin.His sidekick everyones pal Cowboy Eddie. Olson's died on June 26, 1992, and Eddie hasn't been seen since, anyone check Vent Haven In the once upon a time almost every chilrens show had a puppet with a ventriloquist who was an honorary uncle or aunt. The show ran for 11 years right after Howdy Doody left the air, which began in 1961. During his raign the show amassed 13000 attedding kids and each weekday at 4PM who waited for almost 1/2 a year to get on the show. The show featured cartoons jokes from the viewers Question of the Day. Greetings were issued to the temporary members of the Get Well Quick Club.Drawings sent in to the program were displayed and commented upon by Cowboy Eddie, preceding their incorporation into the mammoth (and unseen) Paper City. In 1972, "Circus 3" was canceled after a change of management Cowboy Eddie was created for Howard's father the same year Howard was born.At the age of 5 Howard went into Vaudeville as a traveling entertainer at the end of the Vaudeville era Joining the Air Force during WW2, where he and "Corporal Eddie" entertained troops. 1961, Olson replaced Bozo as host of "Circus 3." Besides being a performer, Olson was a well-known builder of fine ventriloquist figures, and a teacher. Jacki Manna Read. A Des Moines native, she came to Madison in 1988 to study with Olson and assist in his workshop. Olson, who had no children, thought of Read as an unofficial niece.Before he passed away, Olson decided instead to leave everything to her.Today Read lives near Orlando, where Olson spent the last months of his life. And Cowboy Eddie?"He's great," Read says."I just had him refurbished by some very well-known puppet makers."Polished and painted, Eddie's not in retirement - far from it. Read is a busy ventriloquist who often performs at Disneyworld. Eddie is an occasional star once again, though primarily for gatherings of other ventriloquists. Does anyone have any stories to relate about this Vent of the Air waves.

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