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Sunday, February 8, 2009


First off let me say I was really surprised that you wanted to know about my vent "career". Mine is possibly less involved than that of other vents. Most of them actually get up on a stage and do an act. Where as I am purely an ad-lib man. I've always had a natural ability to ad-lib. To hear jokes, one-liners, or other such gags and retain them for later use. I'll start with as simple a bio as I can forgive my horrible spelling, and lack of memory for dates.
Name: Doodles (Darin) Baughman
Born: 5-22-1968 Oklahoma. (and I still call it home)
I am a ventriloquist, cartoonist, and clown.
I began as a puppeteer at the age of four making puppets from socks. Jim Henson and his Muppets were my idols. Through observing them, I learned the mechanics of puppetry and vocalization. Somewhere along the way I had gotten a vent doll. Ya know, the ones with the "booklet" that was either an awful green or Pepto Bismol pink. These simple pieces of paper told of the very basics of vent; the substitution sounds. I practiced a little with it as a kid (maybe 11-13) and just fiddled with it on and off.

The only vent I ever remember knowing of was Edgar Bergen. Though, if any puppet or vent was on the TV I was glued to it! I always had a fondness in my heart for Bergen. Through the years I performed at church functions, school talent shows, and anywhere else they'd let me. I mostly did an "act" like Henson did in his early years; lip syncing to a recorded song.

I have been a member of Clowns Of America International since 1992, and often use vent with my clowning.

In 2004-2005 people started watching me do walk-a-round puppetry and began to say; "Gee, that's great! But, can you do it without moving your lips?" I blame Jeff Dunham lol. This was around the time when he was really picking up steam, and was all over the TV. So, since one should always listen to one's audience....I stopped moving my lips. I'm still a puppeteer, I just don't move my lips anymore. I took up vent seriously in 2005, and ordered my 1st pro figure from Maher Studios. I also work with various types of puppets from those found at garage sales to Axtell Expressions puppets. I have scads of puppets and two hard figures.

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Jenn said...

hey do you have a way to get in touch with Darin?