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Sunday, February 8, 2009


Thunderbirds Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, England, Gerry Anderson has amassed a vast collection and its up for auction. Gerry has moved out of Pinewood this past Dec. and now his intire office is up for auction, from furniture, the toys and prints, well everything. He promised he would sign everything he auctions/sells. "Pinewood is a beautiful studio and I have made a lot of films there so I felt a bit sad when it came to leave, but we all have to move around and things change. I don't know where my new office will be, it depends on who is going to finance the feature." The Auction was held at Battersea Arts Centre between the hours of 10:30-5:30. Tony James is the auctioneer. The auction did not include any of the puppets due to the fact that they didn't exist any longer, should I say he no longer had possession, Gerry had a habit of giving away the props to the stage crew when the show was over or auction it off. Gerry said he would be there to sign items won in the auction as well as the auction catalogue.

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