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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Vent Haven ConVENTion 2009

Just a reminder that the convention this year will be one of the best they have ever had with some of the top ventriloquists in the world attending, make yourself one of them. Yes We will be there with bells on. Jeff Dunham will be attending, the two and only star Jay Johnson with a special suprise show, Las Vegas' own Sammy King, There will be 2 dealer rooms with the best in vent stuff, everyone needs stuff, some people throw out there old stuff to make room for the new stuff they are going to buy, you never have enough stuff, so thats why there will be 2 rooms filled with stuff. If attending please call their line leave a message inform them that Ventriloquially Yours BLOG gave you the information to call, so go get a pencil and write down the number 614-551-9587, give them a call, I know you'll be glad you did...are you still here, go on get up go to the phone, come on get up on the count of 3 1-2- wait what comes after 2 oh thanks Joey 3, now go on i did say 3.

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