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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bob Rivers Interviews Tom Ladshaw and Thelonius

I just finished listening as well as watching a wonderful radio interview on the Bob Rivers radio show with The star of a new movie, starring Tom Ladshaw and Bryan W. Simon who produced the documentary about ventriloquism entitled “I’m No Dummy". The Movie (film) had its release at the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF), and they liked it so much that they gave the film an additional day release. Tom had with him his Vent figure Thelonius who stole the interview, finally quieting down to give Tom some speaking time. There are Major distributors in the wings, who would like to bid on releasing the film, " I'm No Dummy" The crowds who came to see the film were long and the future of the film looks promising. The cinemas that showed the movie were the SIFF as well as the Pacific Palace Theater. All I say is when this movie comes your way, be sure to make it a must see. Following the movie there was a Q&A held by Jay Johnson and Bob, Lynn Trefger and Chloe as well as Tom Ladshaw and Thelonius. Everything went better then expected and a standing O was given, by the excited crowd. If you want to watch the interview go to and type into the search I'm No Dummy click #1 and after viewing the first half click #2 its an enjoyable interview.

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