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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


A Respond to his friend Stinkey on their TV show Lou Costello on the Abbott and Costello Show in the 50s, after Stinkey pinched him, he would hit him with his hat and say " OOOOHH!!! DON'T HARM ME...
I remember The A&C Show on TV and grew up with them through the pleasures of that media. A little history for you: The routine 'Who's on First' was moderated from a 1880s burlesque routine, Wheeler and Woolsey had done 'The Baker's Scene' The shop was located on Watt Street, the owners name was Who Dyed, known as Who, as you can see this was easily turned into WHO WHAT AND I DON'T KNOW, but not quite yet...Another comedian from the english comedy stage was Will Hay performed a routine in the 1930s "The School Teacher" who interviewed a student named Howe, who came from Ware, but moved to Wye... In the 1930s baseball routines were the hit of the comedy stage, along came A&C 1937 and Who's on First became a bit for them to perfect as they had and the rest is comedy history.

A&C have been among the top comedy teams of all times since they have written the first list of comedy team lists. In my opinion they are the best, better then Martin and Lewis, right up there with Laurel and Hardy's talkies. The Marx and Ritz Brothers, The Smothers Brothers, Wayne and Shuster, but how many people can remember the routines of those other teams, I don't think many people are able to but should they it might be one or two jokes or a routine, but as soon as a routine of the great A&C is done most people old enough to remember them, knows it was theirs, amazing isn't it? To mention just a few here 'Flugle Street' or 'Slowly I Turn', Who's On First' 'The Tie Salesman' 'Stinker.' I am not saying that those other great teams weren't just that, but try and remember complete routines or some dialogue, amazing yet they aren't considered the best, well I don't agree...THEY WERE THE BEST....One man's opinion.

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