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Thursday, July 23, 2009


Hi, NJ - Come to think of it... there used to be a restaurant in Trenton, NJ, called "Timothy's". The owner was a woman, whose name I cannot recall, but she was a former beauty queen whose talent was ventriloquism. After her pageant days, she married, and together they bought restaurants, fixed them up and sold them. Timothy's was an old-school steakhouse in Trenton, NJ, and named for her vent figure. This one restaurant she kept for quite a while. The neat thing about "Timothy's" was that the walls were covered with autographed photos of vents from around the world (and some other notable entertainers). I visited once and brought a photo for the owners. My only claim to fame is that my photo was placed on the wall next to Bil DeMar! I believe the establishment is now closed. I don't know what became of the photos. I imagine they're in the hands of her family.I have new publicity photos now, myself. I don't look much like I did in the late '80's! lol! Doug

Those good old restaurants are a by gone history its too bad but I hope those pictures find their way to the Ventriloquist Museum in Ft Mitchell. N J

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