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Monday, July 13, 2009


This message is from Tony Borders who had just returned from the Summit Convention and wants to share with you the happenings:

Vent Summit was low in attendance but high in quality. Teachers included Liz Vonseggen and Judy Buch, both voted Ventriloquists of the Year in prior years by their peers at Vent Haven. We had a great time in the sessions. On Saturday we ate at the Casa Bonita which is the most amazing restaurant I've ever seen. Imagine Disneyland turning the Indiana Jones ride into a restaurant! Three of us performed on a stage in one of the sections of the restaurant. If I ever make it back to Denver I hope to go to Casa Bonita. Although I didn't make it most of the gang followed up the seminar with a trip to David Simpich's marionette stage and doll museum. Visit for a look. He is really an actor who does his acting through marionettes. Here was a great idea starter from Judy Buch: List 21 things that your vent figure will try to convince you to do or agree with. (I assume they are things you don't want to do or agree to at first.) She said that the first few are usually standard, but as you write more you start developing possible conflicts which are always great for skits. Give it a shot!

Well as always Tony, you always bring great news and we at V Y appreciate everything. Too bad the crowd was small this year at the Con, but the ways things are going with the economy I am not surprised.

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