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Saturday, July 11, 2009


Well this might be one of the last posts I will be doing while I am away at the VH Con I hope to come back with some new and exciting information, which might entice you to make the journey as it did next year. I shall have some pictures of the Hotel some of the Vents who attended and took pictures with me, information on the events as well as who ran each function, some of my feelings of the museum...I know that many of you will have questions about this sojourn, so I might do this in a Q & A design.. So ask away. Remember to address your questions to me at It has passed mid year and I haven't rec'd half the amount of votes as I did for the year 2008 so please be sure to vote by scrolling down on the left side of this page till you get to the entries, If you do not see your favorite enter him by sending me the info at my e mail address.

To begin I am packing my suit case with my clothes and books and some pictures to be signed. I will need some very casual clothes as well as a stage shirt, dark pants, my green derby that was handed down to me by one of the famous magicians from S Florida and another case for one of my figures 'Quackers' The Duck. I know I will be spending when I get there, so I will inform you as to what I have purchased. One never has enough clothes, books or novelty's when it comes to bettering yourself and your knowledge. The more knowledge I can absorb the more I can share with you. Hope to see some of you there and for those I don't I'll miss you till I return.
N Jay

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