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Thursday, July 30, 2009


The silent treatmentspeech by proxy
You spectacular the actorthous
and word character
Ever adept at throwing your voice
projecting for that matter
and in far too many manners
Vicarious ventillate ventriloquist
sinuous insidious soliloquist lisp
manipulate mistress envisioness 'chantress
closet reverberant revisionist
Passive aggressive psychopath masking
vacillate vicious puppeteer painting
Split personality tragic entangling
plasticine figurine portraiture gesturing
Shower me with silence
implied infernal inference
innuendo mixed with delusions fantastic
illusions illustrious obverse apparent
You the so mechanic inclined
mute maneuvering manipulate mime
force onto lever sting pulling strings
pervert exert thineone act wonder breath-taking
And though I've since caught your number
such enough for thousand mask mirror
I ask you so with humility
and sincerest genuity
please, entertain me
Feed me with memory
however selective and failing
however discretionary entertain me
let us share a duel within our artistries
let us make war love amid resounding strings
speech stroking levers and echoing pulleys
let us lip sync between the medial territories
let us lip sync for incredible incredulous
insane reverberant
dissonant defiant glorylet us seek the sublime
transcendingart confounding staid sensibility
betraying reason most magnificently
art working alchemy uttering utterly
utter, beloved ventriloquist
utter, mine lover and enmity
feed me strangest synergyun
canny echoes of callingfeed me your symphony
veiled vocals dancingthous
and word choruspaint o' mime puppetting

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