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Friday, July 31, 2009


Hi Bill I would like to do an interview with you, you didn't have the time at the convention so I thought I'd ask the questions here...
1. You were born in Evansville Ind. Tell me about your childhood growing up there when and who influenced your early stages of vent?
Was a radio fanatic, listened to all the sitcom shows, learned to do all the voices, about 3,000, well 50 eventually anyway. So I did impressions and learned pocket magic also, and eventually vent, from Edgar Bergen, it’s all in my book You bought it, didn’t you read it?

2. While in the Military was there anyone who influenced you and did you entertain the
I wound up in special services and traveled around Europe doing shows.
It’s all in my book, didn’t you read it?
3. Is there a Mrs Demar? So tell us about your family life, children... brothers/sisters

Married twice, to my chagrin, two sons. Had five younger brothers and sisters, two brothers are dead.
4. What was the name of the vaudeville troup you shared the stage with during your
Vaudeville days?
I’m going to come and slap your face!! Vaudeville was before my time. Well, there might have been one or two left over shows. I worked the last minstrel show.

5. In 1963 while you were at the Carousel Club tell me about your act and feeling before and after the fateless day on Nov 22nd
I emceed and the Carousel Club plus my vent acts and some magic and mentalism.

6. Where did your career take you after Dallas '63
I went to NY again and worked Main, Boston and the Wonderama Show along with ‘ABBA’.

7. Have you done any TV work or Radio...Was there any movies you appeared in?
Did some TV when the local filled some of the time with there own TV shows, I was ‘chuckles’ or ‘crispy’ or some such Clown doing a kiddies show for some potatoes chip Co. Did radio as a DJ in Mt Vernon, In. only lasted three days, Because I was Catholic and he didn’t want Catholics taking over his station, there was one there already. He like to Had gone nuts trying to get the manager, who stuttered, except when he did the news, to get rid of me, but the Manager, who was a preacher on the side, was not cooperative.

8. What awards have you been presented with over your long career?
I have 5 vent awards, three magic awards and four civic awards.

9. How long have you been attending The VH Con what are some of your memorable moments?
Doing several shows, all ending with SOs

10. What about the other conventions what were they where were they and those
standout moments.
Appeared on the ‘Silent Mora’ convention in Boston, the IBM convention in Columbus, Ohio, the convention In Gatlinburg, Tn. The Colon convention a couple of times, the Can/Am convention in Fargo, ND.( I was president Of the Mpls. Magic Ring. A magic convention in Winnipeg, Canada. Seems like there were some others I can’t recall.

11. I must say it was an honor and a privaledge to meet you and look forward to it again
next year....
12. If there was one way to sum up your career what would that be?
13. Thank you Uncle Bill for sharing with my readers your wonderful career...

As You can see Not only does Bill want me to read his book that he had signed for me but he would also like those readers who have interest to bye and read it as well. Hope you all liked this little interview...let me know and I will post it here for all to read....

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